Golf Resorts Essay

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Golf Resorts

The golf resort industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and the future seems to be bright for the businesses within that industry. There are many reasons why the industry has had such success thus far and there are also many reasons why it can continue that level of success into the future. With more people having expendable income to use on golf outings with the economy on the up and up, there seems to be a bright future for the people who power the golf industry.

Beyond that, there has been an increase in jobs in the industry over the last ten years, a fact that has been very important to the development of the economy and the golf resort industry itself. One of the important aspects that powers this industry is the geographic map which the golf resort industry touches. The golf resort industry is a good one because it is very far reaching. While some resorts, such as beach resorts, are only popular in areas where the sun shines year around, the golf industry can succeed in a number of different places.

To show how far reaching the industry has become, one only has to look at recent explosion of the golf resort industry internationally. Everyone in the industry knew that things were going well inside the United States, but who could have guessed that a place like Vietnam would see a takeoff in golf popularity. A Golf, Inc. article (2007) states, “The rapidly growing golf resort industry in Vietnam hopes to get a boost from the newly formed Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail.

Seven facilities have united to form the trail, aimed at attracting international attention to the high-end golf and tourist facilities being developed in the Southeast Asian nation” (Golf, Inc. 2007). In the United States, the golf industry has been best in places like South Carolina and Florida, where the warm weather and terrain afford nice golf options. Specifically, coastal areas have been very popular for golf resort designers who like to capitalize on the excellent views. That is not the only place where golf resorts are popular, though. Mountain courses have become much more popular and have grown in numbers since last year, as well.

While people head to the beach to play golf during the summer, they are more times than not heading up to the mountains to play golf during the fall. This is an interesting step for the golf resort industry in recent years. In the future, expansion is certainly possible for the golf resort industry because the game is becoming much more popular. With the popularity of Tiger Woods and golf growing in popularity on television, more and more folks are taking up the game and learning to love it. This means that there is a market for more courses, even though the golf resort industry has already seen something of a boom.

As far as a specific geographic area for expansion, the industry will undoubtedly look to expand their influence in mountain areas, as mentioned previously. Avid golfers are looking for new challenges and beautiful views, both of which can be afforded by mountain course designs. Mountain resorts also offer a wonderful opportunity for other activities for people who do not like golf. It may be difficult to include skiing and winter sports along with golf, but mountain resorts can offer certain winter pleasures to keep the accompanying party happy.

Nancy Berkley’s book, Careers in Golf, is one of the top books on the market for describing current industry conditions for perspective workers. In her work (2007), she indicates that the mountain golf resort industry is growing more quickly than other sectors of the market (Berkeley, p. 47-53). In addition to the mountain golf resort industry, growth is happening in other areas. Cities are becoming very popular areas for golf resorts, so that people have something of a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

That is probably where the golf industry should be headed, as people in these places have the money and the time to make use of a good golf resort. One area where expansion might be successful is Las Vegas. There are already plenty of courses there, but there is room for plenty more courses and golf resorts if people are willing to build them. The financial considerations for the golf industry are the main reason why it has been so successful. Golf is usually thought to be a game of luxury for the affluent. That is why resorts can charge high prices and are required to provide a good service as a result of that high price.

What specific types of people do golf resorts target? Interestingly, most resorts are able to target both business and leisure travelers. An article for Hawthorne Suites clearly indicates their target market. In that article, they write, “Hawthorn has it expanded its focus to include the golf resorts market that targets both leisure and business travelers who want to combine a golf and meeting or conference retreat experience” (Hawthorne). They take advantage of the business of both business people and those who just want a vacation.

On the business side of things, golf has become a gateway activity for new workers and it has always been a way for business leaders to entertain their best clients. As an important networking tool for business people, golf is something that just about everyone in a lot of industries has learned to do. That opens up the market for golf resorts a great deal. Long term considerations for this market of people are strong, especially considering the current business climate. Unlike many other sports, golf is a life sport. People learn to play the game when they are only a few years old and they can continue to play it well into their old age.

Given the many advances in the golf industry that have made the game more accessible, it is common to see eighty year old men out on the course enjoying the game. This is why resorts can plan to keep their target market in tact. As far as socioeconomic status goes, the majority of golf resorts target upper middle class and upper class men. Golf is an expensive game to play. The cost of purchasing equipment and then getting lessons and learning to play the game is very high. That means that those people who choose to play golf have a good bit of money in their coffers.

This is no mystery to those who power the golf resort industry. They understand that affluent individuals love to be treated to nice things, so they design resorts that provide good golf on top of the other amenities that people love to enjoy. As long as the golf resort industry keeps providing a quality product, they will always have control over their target market. The golf resort industry must look to market their courses to people who are not golf lovers, though. People like to spend time at a nice resort, whether they like golf or not. If they can get those people to come, they can perhaps get them to start liking golf.

If anything else, they can get those individuals to start playing golf with the people who bring them to the resort. If they can begin to develop value based golf resorts, they can also market their products to people who do not have the kind of money to spend on a high dollar resort. This is an advancement that will probably take place eventually, especially with more and more people learning to play golf in the United States. Still, the target market seems to be pretty set for this industry, and there is not a whole lot of expansion that can realistically take place.

The golf resort industry should really just focus in on improving its relationship with current clients. One interesting resort that has taken the initiative to market a new trend in the industry is the Kingwood Golf Resort in Clayton, Georgia. They are one of the leading resorts in the new mountain golf resort trend in this industry. As one of Georgia’s top golf destinations, this resort focuses on providing a beautiful place to play for people who enjoy nice scenery. The course itself is in great shape, but it is the surrounding area that really powers Kingwood.

According to the official website of the resort (2007), “Lush and supremely manicured Bermuda grass tees, fairways, and Bent grass putting greens, surrounded by mature hardwoods and rippling brooks, make this course not only beautiful but also very demanding” (Kingwood 2007). The resort has drawn rave reviews for taking advantage of the beautiful mountain views that exist in Clayton, Georgia. According to GeorgiaGetaway. com, a website that reviews destinations in Georgia (2006), “Kingwood Golf Resort is nestled amidst the beautiful scenery of the North Georgia Mountains.

Challenging and inspiring the course at Kingwood is the perfect mountain golf experience” (GeorgiaGetaway. com p. 1). This resort is an extremely innovative one that is leading the new mountain golf resort trend in the industry. The golf resort industry is growing by leaps and bounds as a result of the many opportunities that are available within the industry. There are tons of customers who love the game of golf and love to spend their weekends at a nice resort, so it is extremely easy for golf resorts to market their spaces.

As a result of the affluence of the target market of this industry, the prospects are very good for continued improvement. In order for that to take place, the industry must move to new areas and build on the excitement and momentum that it has already created. That, along with improving the current product for current customers will help the industry move forward and improve upon the progress that has already been made. For the most part, all of the hard work has been done now and the resorts just have to capitalize on their amazing resources. Works Cited Berkeley, Nancy.

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