Goldfish Respiration Essay

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Goldfish Respiration

The purpose of this experiment is to tests the effects of temperature on the respiration (breathing) rate of goldfish. In order to determine the goldfish respiration change adding small amounts of crushed ice to the water, than behavior will be noted. Then, the goldfish will experience the same experiment four more times and be noted again. This experiment will be conducted with four students, one goldfish, a 250 mL and a 150 mL beaker, thermometer, crushed ice, aquarium water, stirring rod, and a stopwatch. Our results showed that the goldfish respiration started out with more breathes when the temperature drooped and the goldfish showed signs of stress; however, by the third evaluation the goldfish respiration decreased and showed signs of distress. Introduction

Different symptoms of water change affect the respiration rate of goldfish. Homeostasis organism responds to changes in environment to maintain a constant temperature; nevertheless, if organisms do not adjust them it can lead to severe changes and even kill organism ( index/science_of_biology_files/Fish%20Respiration.pdf). Organisms specialize in structures to carry out respiration, which takes in oxygen from its environment than releases carbon dioxide that creates waste product (13). In aquatic animals (goldfish) the gills utilize respiration, and gill filaments allow exposure to oxygen-laden water environment (13). When goldfish operculum closes the mouth opens. When the mouth opens water pass over the gill filaments that make the mouth close and pharynx contract (13). In our experiment, we observed the respiration rate of the goldfish when crushed ice was added. The goldfish started out with a temperature of 25°c and respiratory rate of 73 per mint. The first have of the experiment showed when we added crushed ice, the goldfish respiratory rate increased to 93 breaths per mint, and the temperature dropped down to 20°c; nevertheless, the goldfish was stressed moving very fast in the beaker. Next, we added more crushed ice, the temperature to drop to 17°c, but this time the goldfish respiration rate dropped to 64 breaths per mint and the goldfish was distressed. Materials and Methods

For our experiment, we used a 250 mL beaker, which had aquarium water, and a goldfish in, then placed the thermometer in the beaker to take the temperature. Next, once the goldfish adjust to the new environment for three minutes one person will get the stopwatch and set for a one minute and I will count the breath of the goldfish and record the data. The group adds crushed ice to lower the temperature approximately 2°c, than wait one minute for the goldfish to adjust, set the stopwatch for one minute and count the breaths than record the data. The same experimental was repeated five more time and recorded the data. The group also observed the behavior of the goldfish, and the stress it the goldfish experience. Results

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