Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Essay

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Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

If you visit Qinling Mountain and walk through the forests, you may see some golden figure swinging from trees to trees. They are golden snub-nosed monkeys, which I think are the most beautiful kind of primates in the world. Golden snub-nosed monkeys are famous for their golden hair and pale blue faces. Another obvious characteristic of this kind of monkeys is that there are no bones in their noses. With these features, you can easily recognize them. Golden snub-nosed monkeys are about 66-76cm in length, but their long tails are 56-72cm long.

Male monkeys are 16. 4kg, while female monkeys are 9. 4kg. (Chinese golden monkey – interesting fact) They are usually founded in groups in temperate places such as conifer and broadleaf deciduous, so their mainly food is leaves. However, they eat different food in different seasons, such as fruits, seeds and buds. (G. S. M Taxonomy, Morphology, & Ecology online) Golden snub-nosed monkeys are kind of vulnerable animals because they have many natural enemies like goshawks, wolves, leopards and foxes.

Voice and actions are two main ways they use in communication. (G. S. M Behavior online) If you hear high screams, probably there are predators approaching monkeys. Golden snub-nosed monkeys are rare and endangered and have already been listed in IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). According to the research, they have three main threats, which are lumbering, residential areas and hunting. (Yongcheng, L. Richardson, M. 2008) What’s more, it is believed by some people that golden snub-nosed monkeys’ fur can cure rheumatism, an illness that makes joints or muscles stiff and painful. These years, many nature reserves have been set up to protect them. But because golden snub-nosed monkeys can only produce one baby each time, the amount of them is increasing slowly. They need more care and love and we humans are deserved to do that.

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