Gold Price Fluctuation Essay

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Gold Price Fluctuation

The topic is selected for the project is the Gold price fluctuations and gold as a investment. I selected this topic because of the change in the price of gold and people’s interest in investing in gold as an investment. This topic is selected due to the fluctuating nature of gold and changing trend of gold price. Nowadays people tend to invest their money in gold so as they can increase their investment according to the price of gold at that particular period. Of all the precious metals gold is the metal where people invest more. gold is also at the mercy of stocks. When equities plummet, investors are often forced to sell gold for cash. But any significant dip can trigger a wave of buying an investors purchase gold at ‘discount’ prices resulting in a strong tug of war for prices.

In this project I include the fundamental factors that contribute to gold’s strong price moves like price manipulations, supply and demand, safe haven and peer pressure buying, currency debasement, central bank buying. I also include the gold fluctuations and its impact on Indian economy. The importance of the project lies in the areas such as gold as one of the most valuable economic indicators, gold’s price elasticity is negative, rising gold price, gold as a safe investment, gold price determination move by landed costs and by the rupee-dollar exchange rate, factors affecting gold price fluctuation. It also deals with the fluctuation in the gold and its relation to oil markets.


The scope of the study is about the day by day changes in the price of gold and the reasons behind the change. It focuses more on the fluctuations and the interest of investors to invest in gold even though the price is getting higher. The study also focuses more on the fluctuation in the gold and its relation to oil markets. Oil and gold are the two main items in the economy now that tends to increase day by day. And a study related to those subjects seems important and reliable nowadays. The investment habit of people is changing day by day and my project deals with the people’s interest in investing in gold. And therefore the reasons for the fluctuations of gold price are necessary to be known.

As we all know, of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment, investors generally buy gold as a hedge or harbor against economic, political, or social fiat currency crisis (including investment in market, declines burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and social unrest. The gold market is subject to speculation as are other markets, especially through the use of future contracts and derivatives. The history of the gold standards, the role of gold reserves in central banking, gold’s low correlation with other commodity prices, and its pricing in relation to fiat currencies during the year 2007-2012 global financial crisis suggest that gold behave more like a currency than a commodity.

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