Gold Coast Spit Redevelopment


The spit is one of the biggest pieces of land which is predominantly green space on the Gold Coast.

Over the past 60 years, the area has been progressively developed with developments such as The Sea World site in 1958, Sheraton Mirage opened in 1988, Doug Jennings Park was dedicated in 1988, Palazzo Versace opened in 2000 Federation Walk opened in 2000


The l 1033 (The Spit over the years). The Spit has so much potential to become a major tourist hotspot to improve the economic income of the Gold Coast.


The importance of this collected data is what allows us to make the spit better. The data collected is reliable and contains a lot of information this data is still being used being used today. The field booklet was helpful in the sense of a wide range of essential information. The only problem with the booklet is its very limited to the with most of it wasn’t done on the day of the excursion.

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The secondary data used is very reliable with being the main source of research for the state’s government for new and upcoming development.

Analysis and Interpretation

The Spit has an abundance of existing land uses. The spit has a lot of strengths and weakness when it comes to current development. This provides an abundance of opportunities however this creates a lot of problems. But with this amount of green space comes a lot of opportunities to make a bountiful amount of income. The land uses have really helped the existing Spit, but this also hinders the spit in some ways.

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Developments Images Positives / Negatives

Rock wall / groyne 3192392883 + stops erosion

+ Lasts for a long time


Dog Beach 909881213176 + Good for locals with dogs

Doesn’t cost anything

Low impact to the environment

Tourists can’t use it

Doug Jennings Park 158049394173 + Massive amount of green space (good for environment)

Massive amount opportunities

Noting built on it

Sea World 291404985620 + Massive Tourist hotspot (The study found that 56% of the adults from the country who have visited the Gold Coast had been to Sea World.) CITATION Inf14 l 1033 (Infinty , 2014)+ Massive source of income

Takes away a lot of environmental green space

Marina mirage / hotels 3508381760538 + Massive economic income

Tourists hotspot

Only hotels on the spit

Only supermarket on the spit

SWOT analysis


  • Groyne/ rock wall (stops erosion)
  • A lot of open land (for development)
  • A source of income (Sea World, Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Gold Coast, Palazzo Versace Gold Coast)
  • Beautiful Beaches (Narrow neck, etc.)
  • Narrow green space(not much space to build)
  • Not much development (can’t hold a lot of people)
  • Low infrastructure (can’t hold a lot of people)
  • Low tourist interaction (has a low source of income)
  • Hard to get to (on road in and out)


  • A lot of open land (for development)
  • A lot of potential income (With upcoming developments)
  • A lot of upgrades (like new restaurants and Cafes, parking)
  • Low amount of population (more tourists) Risk of erosion (risk of the island eroding away)
  • Bad Traffic (there’s only one road in and out)
  • Low amount of Income Sources (doesn’t have enough money to upgrade or further development)


The Multibillion-dollar Casino plan would be the most revolutionary development for The Spit. The Casino was going to be a five-tower development by the crown company with already cleared land. The inside of these towers would include the casino, entertainment venues, theatres, hotels and residential apartments. If This Plan was to go ahead this would eliminate the three-story rule this would help with more economical development on the spit with more development. The casino idea brings a lot to the table with the topic of Income and how much of an economic strength it would have to The Spit. The economic benefits the casino would have brought to the spit is a massive source of income easily surpassing a sound estimate of $205 million. This could be spent on more upgrades and to help finance more opportunities and rebuild more upcoming ideas. The Social benefits are this is going to bring A massive number of tourists to sight see this great area of the east side of Australia with an average of 13 million to the Gold Coast. The Casino will already have a hotel amongst the casino and various shops. The casino will also create an abundance of night activities such as concerts, gambling, swimming, etc. The environmental benefits to this are for development the land has already been cleared for this casino to be built so we won’t need to cut down trees to create space. The casino will provide so many opportunities and income for The Spit which can be used on further upgrade to make the whole Gold Coast better.

Ferry system, and g link system

The G link system would make the spit so much faster and healthier to accompany the G link system a ferry system to be added. If this was to happen the amount of traffic to be decrease sufficiently. With this instalment of these two systems create an easier way to transport people. The economic benefits to these systems well create even more and steady revenue for the Gold Coast. The social benefits to these two systems are there with this being the easiest wat for tourists to get around with the average number of 13 million tourists. The systems to run would be cheap and to ride the G link and ferry system would be cheap as well. The environmental benefits are this development wouldn’t affect the already existing Spit’s environment. These systems would bring a lot to the spit in terms of travel expenses and create a steady income for the Gold Coast.

Glamping sites on wave break island

Wave break island right next to the spit has been untouched with so much potential. Wave break island is this little body of land just above the spit with a beautiful view of the water and site of the infrastructure of the high-rise city of the Gold Coast. A glamping site on wave break island would have so many benefits to add to the spit. The economical benefits to this would be massive amount of income with money coming out of the glamping site and the additional ferry ride to the island from the ferry system. On average a glamping site make 8 million dollars this would help the spit to help caterer for upgrades and other further developments. The social benefits are the site are a lot of people would want to come and experience this and have fun here at this site. The environmental benefits to the site is the tents are built to work with the existing nature to keep that natural beauty this would make the problem of cutting down trees and existing nature.


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