Go-Jek is the First Online Ojek Service in Indonesia

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Go-Jek has become a significant phenomenon in Indonesian society. There are many motorbikes taxi apps in Indonesia such as Grabbike, Ojesy, Jeger Taxi, Limobike, Blu-jek, and Ladyjek. Among these, they select Go-Jek because Go-Jek is the first online ojek service in Indonesia, and is the biggest motor taxi company with the most motorcycle drivers.

In Indonesia, traffic overcrowding has become a massive issue, and many individuals have selected to ride motorcycles. This has offered a business chance for some to become ojek drivers.

Such bases are typically set up on the street corners of housing areas in lower class areas of towns away from the city centers, but which have direct entree to the main roads of the city.

Traditionally, ojek motorists wait for customers at the base. These motorists cooperate with each other as they spend the day waiting for passengers. Through these meetings and communications, the ojek motorists had an opportunity to get to know each other and organize their community.

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According to Natadjaja and Setyawan (2016), approximately 70 percent of the work time of motorbike taxi drivers is just waiting for customers. The transformation to online service was the best idea how to attract target audience. Therefore, mobile phones allow ojek drivers to be called to pick up customers.

The first of these to become significant was Go-jek, launched by Abdul Makarim in 2011. The fame of Go-Jek has increased since it launched Android and iOS apps. Moreover, they claim to have had approximately 6.1 million downloads of the Gojek app. These days Go-Jek has services which contain transport, instant courier, food delivery, shopping and a lot of other services (Natadjaja & Setyawan, 2016).

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The audit identified two areas that require improvement: (1) Go-jek's lack of sense of belonging, resulting in a poor relationship with the organization, stakeholders and poor service quality; and (2) ?

This report demonstrates the problem with Go-jek's lack of sense of belonging, resulting in a poor relationship with the organization, stakeholders and poor service quality.

With these problems mentioned above, the selected strategy will work towards accomplishing the SMART goal of ····················..

Through the analysis, Go-jek should improve their relationship with the organization···..

For further analysis and justification, a full action plan of how to

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Go-Jek is the First Online Ojek Service in Indonesia
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