Going Abroad Essay

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Going Abroad

When I was a junior student in high school, I got a chance to travel to Canada for a month. This trip was so unforgettable and also interfered with my study later on. The city I went to is Vancouver. This place is an easy and comfortable place to live. The weather is as warm as spring. I left my parents and lived alone for the first time. I lived with a local homestay. They were very kind to me, and the hostess was so warm that we still have contact right now. Once I got there, they went to the airport to meet me, and they hold up a board. The board said welcome to Canada in Chinese! I was greatly touched. During that month, I took the class with other students who came from other high school in China. There were four teachers who came from Canada local high school, taught us about Canada’s history, government, custom and took care of us at school. During the class, we also discussed the difference and similar between China and Canada. I noticed that I should to come out of the country and see the whole world. We also had a principle took care of the whole team. The team just liked a mini school. After class, the teachers and principle became the tourist guides.

They led us to visit the whole city. I had been to downtown to do some shopping, went camping and surfing as well. The most interested thing was the three-day camping. I never tried that kind of outdoor activity before, so I was so excited the day before we leave the homestay. The hostess helped me prepared my equipment and exhorted everything that I need to pay attention. On that day, the party set out towards to the destination, the Greentree Park. After two hours driving, finally we got there. The area of camping was opening ground with plenty of pine trees. It should have a lot of oxygen around us. After rest for a while, I started to pitch a tent. Before I went out, the teacher already taught me how to put up, but I never did it before. When I got the materials and the direction, I began to build it, and of cause this was hard to finish by myself, so I ask my friend, Mary for help.

We spent an immense amount of energy, and the tent was been built finally. At that night, I slept in the tent, and through scuttle, I could see the sky was studded with twinkling stars. The sky was so beautiful and peaceful. I also could hear someone singing outside and voice was so sweet. It should be the most perfect scene I have seem. Rest of the day, I spent times with friend, draw a picture of what I had seem, and barbecued a lot of chicken for dinner. It was so much fun in those days. After this trip, I always mention it in my experiment when I talked to people. I am so glad that I can have this chance that can open my outlook. I can know more about the other country and accept different cultures. That can make me more confident and more vivacious.

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