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God’s love is strongly expressed in the Bible from the creation of men till now. He has been shown throughout the Bible in many forms and always show his love to them like saving the Israelites from Egypt. We can see God’s love in the contents of the Bible, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation. He saved them countless times from many misfortunes. As we go through the Bible, God’s love are richly illustrated in it.

The word ‘love’ has been used every day and by everyone. It can be used from a person to person, a person to living things or a person to non-living things. According Ichykoo, there is four types of person to person love – Eros love, Storge love, Phileo love, and Agape love. Eros loves is mainly about the intense affection for one another that arises from their sexual urges and lusts for that person. Storge love is love of the community and the family and Phileo love is the love of the soul.

These three types of loves are loves of people that are particularly attract other people to make them feel good. God’s love is Agape love and will always protect humans from harm and danger anywhere at any time.

Unlike the other three types, Agape love is a unique love that only God can do it; the very essence of God is love as stated in 1 John 4:16. An unconditional love that will always love you no matter who you are, how you feel or what you do.

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The Agape love, God’s love, will always bring good to those who love him or not. These four loves work together in the life of a person but the one love that maintains the connection between all four loves is the Agape love. Agape love will always be everlasting because God is permanent and the others are impermanent. Humans will always love others conditionally. It means that we will love the person based on whether they fulfill the condition, mentally or physically, that we set for them or not, like when somebody loves someone because they are cute, hot, kind or others. A love where it is only convenient and boost the person’s ego and when that dies, so does the love. We love someone based on that condition that can be change from time to time. Once people love someone conditionally, they will marry them until the condition is not fulfilled, then they divorce them. That is the reason why humans have a high divorce rate. However, God’s love is unconditional. He will always love you no matter what.

God has demonstrated his love like parents to children relationship. He treats Adam and Eve like newborn babies. He spoiled them out of love and gives Adam the power to name all the animals that God has created (Genesis 1). He spared Noah and his family from the Great Flood during the period when all humanity is evil. Later, he assure that all of Abraham’s family, including his descendants, will be forever blessed, which is the Israelites (Waggoner 2014). When the Israelites fight wars, they will always emerge victorious because God will always protect them and to fulfill his promise made to Abraham. However, when the Israelites were made as slaves in Egypt, God gives them Moses. Through Moses, he brought the Egyptians the seven plagues and brought the Israelites out of Egypt. But that is not all, he saved them from the crusade, led by the Pharaoh, by splitting the Red Sea and also from starvation and dehydration by giving them manna and water. He also gave them a cloud during the day and a pillar of light during the night to guide them on their journey to the promise land. Additionally, He gave them the Mosaic covenant in Mount Sinai.

As previously mentioned, the relationship between God and the Israelites is like a parent and children relationship. There are times when the Israelites did not praise the Lord or made excuses that he is the cause of the problem. Thus, God as a parent to the Israelites, he discipline them. He did punish them but he did not abandon them; he disciplines them but restored them to himself. During the times when the Israelites began worshipping idols, he disciplines them by letting other nations to capture or destroyed Israel but he will restored them to their former glory (Waggoner 2014). God is the ruler of all nations because he is the Creator (Genesis 1:1). He can do anything to this planet that we are living in but due to his bottomless love for us and his promise to Noah, he will not destroy humanity but rather discipline us to show who the boss is. Although, God is the boss of us, he is always humble.

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