God Delusion Debate

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American education have problem with creation and evolution. In education teach students that his idea led to atheism. Faith is rational based on evidence that call them evidence. The evidence of science in no way whatsoever supports “the God hypothesis”. Science has explained many important things. How does Lennox respond?:

Atheism undermined science and the evidence of science does indeed support belief in God. He gave example of John Maddox’s journal about the Big Bang theory is “dangerous” , because it would give credence to the creation story of Genesis, also he motioned about “supernatural Plan”.

2. Lennox says “Faith is rational and evidence based”. When Dawkins asks for clarification, what analogy does Lennox use? Lennox said faith is evidence based and gave question “I presume you’ve got faith in your wife is there any evidence for that?” 3. “God Delusion” thesis: Design is dead because who made the designer? What does Dawkins mean by this?:

He agree with cosmologists don’t have an explanation for the origin of the universe and that biologists have no explanation for the origin of life.

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“Biological evolution” make simpler to understand. Also he said who created God? How does Lennox respond?:

Lennox responded that question asked about who crated God? Christian did not believe created God. God is eternal and un created but universe created by Him. Lennox said Dawkins argument which is God delusion is wrong and created God is definition of delusion. 4. “God Delusion” thesis: Christianity is Dangerous

What does Dawkins mean by this?:
Dawkins argued religion is dangerous because it teaches that faith is a virtue.

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The Faith is blind, irrational, and unjustified. He said all wars,
injustice happening, and unrighteous history issues cause from religion. He did not say all religion and believers are wrong, but some people are harmful. Faith is terrible weapon because it justify the performance terrible acts. After Lennox said then Dawkins said the people weren’t psychopaths, they were well educated, rational people, who thought they were good, the same thing could be said of the Taliban. Once you grant people the premise of their faith, then the terrible things that they do follow. How does Lennox respond?:

Lennox said Dawkins only focused on violent situation of religion and targeted Christianity. He asserted unfairly mischaracterized Christianity and classifying it as, in the worst case, an inherently violent religion. Teachings of moderate religion is open invitation of extremism is wrong than what about teaching of moderate atheism. 5. “God Delusion” thesis: You don’t need God to be moral What does Dawkins mean by this?:

He said “no one needs God in order to be good”. People do not need Bible when they choose or pick, they need something else. Moral had nothing to do read bible. He taught each society and generation the standards of right and wrong. How does Lennox respond?:

Atheists have no rational basis to discuss morality at all. We can be good and find moral in society, but cannot find foundation concept being good with God. There is no God means the foundation of moral is removed. 6. “God Delusion” thesis: Christian claims about Jesus are not true What does Dawkins mean by this?:

If the world is hideous world, It gives us something to rise above and we clearly do rise above it. Dawkins sees that the central criterion of Christ’s teachings was out of the main stream of our modern thinking about equal rights for all. How does Lennox respond?:

Lennox said Dawkins is totally wrong attitude through Jesus. He focuses on the historical reliability of the New Testament writings and on the meaning of the golden rule: love your neighbor as yourself (in Leviticus) which
Jesus understood the term “neighbor” to refer to non-Jews.

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God Delusion Debate
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