God created Essay

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God created

The dawn breaks and the sun peers over the horizon. Another day has come and its new oppotunities seize my imagination. In the beginning, there was only darkness. It is the same darkness that clouds the hearts and minds of men. It sows seeds of fear to paralyze great men into inaction. Thoughts of impending failure and the unsatisfactory results of the past stunts progress and innovation. The valiant and the just stay their hands in the face of tyranny. The wise pass no verdict or judgement to protect the weak and the oppressed.

Opportunities to promote the common good are missed and nothing changes. The darkness prevails as time claims the old and weary. But then, God created light and vanquished the darkness. And with the darkness, the fear that plagued man faded into nothingness. Regardless of the possibility failure and despair, man pursued success and happiness. Even in the face of death or humiliation, men fought for what was right and what was just. The cycle of monotony and subsistence was broken as the opportunities, great and small, were seized by the wise and the brave.

The world changed and life evolved. The Lord called this light the sun. It is the light that breaks the darkness of the night to usher in the dawn of a new day. It heralds in the infinite possibilites that one can do today. Its daily cycle promises to illuminate the dead night of yesterday and to offer even greater opportunities tomorrow. It is this promise of opportunities that seizes my imagination. It wakes me up in the morning and drives me to live everyday to the full. It is these inevitable infinite opportunities that help me decide what the world will be.

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