God and Dignity Essay

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God and Dignity

The researchers would like to dedicate this research paper to those people who have lost their ways and wander in darkness. We hope that even just a little bit, we are able to open your minds and touch your hearts. Always remember that no matter what happens, we will always be there for you and accept you.


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Title: Dignity: It’s Value
Thesis Statement: “Dignity of a person doesn’t really matter due to temptations like money and lust but still, some people value it.”

I. Introduction
A. General Background

What is dignity? We sometimes encounter this word, some might be familiar. But what is it? Can it be given importance? Can it be forgotten? Well those questions will depend on you, your actions and the way you bring yourself. Dignity means being respected for who you are and what you believe in. That’s something that can be done in both big and little ways. Like saying please or lending a helping hand are ways of showing dignity. Sharing your toys with others or making a donation to a charity are ways of showing dignity too. Just by being kind to others no matter who they are, what they look like and where they come from is a way to show dignity too. (Just by) Well, there are so many ways to show it like a cancer patient fighting against his illness to his death. Now, here’s the word “death”. Don’t you know dignity can be showed in death? Yes it is, it’s called Death With Dignity. In death with dignity, we all have experiences to share.

There are our constituent’s personal stories of courage, pain, joy, fear, sadness and hope. Also, dignity is in women. Ah, yes. The dignity of a woman. Her most important thing that once take away, it will never com back. Just like all things that are lost will never return. It’s just that the “thing” in woman is just like time, gold and important. This thing is called virginity. Now, I’m very much sure that this word is very familiar to us, especially teenagers. With all the teenage pregnancy, sex trafficking and the porns how come that we wont know that dignity is lost in this field! Were not implying that once you’re not virgin, you don’t have your dignity. This case is totally not the concern for married women, engaged ladies and widows. But what about the girls, teenage girls. They’re young and fresh, so easy to be tempted. That’s why it’s important to know dignity, give its importance and value it for us to learn more and watch out. This is what our study’s all about.

B. Statement of the problem

The researchers would like to seek answers to the following questions: A. What are the possible ways to bring back the lost dignity? B. What are the effects/ impact if the person wreck his/her dignity? C. What’s in dignity that a person or every person should have? D. How can you convince others especially to those who doesn’t value their dignity to give importance to it? E. Which is far more better to die with dignity or to live without dignity?

C. Significance of Study

As we all know dignity is important as a person with feeling that can feel shame, guilt pain and anger. Our study mainly focuses on two things: death with dignity and living without dignity. Which is more better, which is preferred by others. This study is to wake up those youngsters out there to the things that they are doing which is not right. To right them from their wrongs, to bring light in their minds and to lead them to the right way. As a fellow teenager, we are the ones who can understand them better. Why! We talk the same way, dress the same way and behave the same way. So it’ll be much more better if were the ones to help them too. To let them understand things and no matter what happens, they’re always accepted.

II. Body

Every human being has the right to be treated with dignity. Dignity is the quality of being worth of respect. This means all of us, regarding of who we are or what we might have done, should be treated with respect. Its because of dignity that we are able to stand up and get to our feet. It’s the reason we feel good about ourselves and that we thought that others should respect us. Dignity comes from the Latin adjective (which means) “dignees” which means “worthy”. You see, our dignity makes us worthy for others. That’s why the higher, the more dignity a person has, the more likely he or she is respected and has great esteem to others. The dignity given to the human person allows him or her to manifest his or her worth, specifically, inner worth. God design for the human person is to posses and inherit self-worth and to be worthy of respect because he or she is a creation of God.

By elevating his or her intellect to God and by fulfilling the precepts contained in the moral law through the exercise of his or her will, the human person earns greater worth and dignity. But no matter how hard a person tries to keep his or her dignity here are temptations all over us. Those things to keep his or her dignity, there are temptations all over us. Those things leads us to do evil. They tempted us and once we had done it, it’s hard to stop. And sometimes the evil we do can result in scandal. Scandal comes from the Latin word “scandalum” meaning a stone that causes people to trip over. If the sin you committed caused others to follow your example, then you are also guilty for their sins because you brought it about. God created the human person in his image and likeness. As the divine image the human person possesses intrinsic dignity.

When the human person inherited the sin from Adam and Eve, sin also become part of human life. Doing wrong or cooperating in evil diminishes the dignity of the human person. It is like the thing that the bible stated at Genesis 2:16 – 17, “And the Lord God commanded to man, saying, ‘from any tree of the garden you may freely eat, but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it, you shall surely die’”. Ever since that we humans are capable of doing evil. Evil destroys dignity and there are bout hundreds of things to do it. No, probably thousands. Even a regular high school student can destroy his or her dignity. Fro example, a student rather an honor student was caught cheating on a major examination. What do you thing are the possible things that have happened to him or her? The teachers won’t believe in him or her anymore, people will start rumors and worst he or she might get detention or be expelled.

Another example is that teenage girls being pregnant. Now that is a very big issue. Normally, people will look down on her and all her life will be covered in regret and shame but that depends on the person. It depends if she is a strong one or a weakling. Yes, we are created by God but we have different thoughts and personalities as well. We are unique in her own ways. Now, are these ways to bring back the lost dignity? Of Course not, just like things that are lost it will never turn. But, you can always have and make a new one. Something much more better than the previous one. But its not easy making new ones proving others that they are wrong and not every body is perfect. You feel regret and a little bit down. It’s like you wanna cry your whole life but every time you see your inspiration, that feeling disappears.

It’s the reason why others still fights and currently living. They have that motivation to start a new life and set things right and currently living. They have that motivation to start a new life and set things right. Just believe in God above anything else. He writes the story of your life and he’s the one capable of ending it but then along the way he prepared trials and good things for you. As the saying goes at Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” But then again, not all people have the guts to change things. Some preferred to stay in the darkness and lurk in the shadows. There are lots of effects if a person wreck his/ her dignity. One of these things is being a suicidal freak. They intend to end their life/ lives because they can’t endure no longer the pain, shame, guilt, anger and hatred. But what’s to get in killing yourself? What about those people who was always there for you and that you didn’t just realize? Won’t you feel sorry for them? Of course, there are lots of negative rumors about you.

More people looking down and bullying you but then why don’t you speak up? Ignore those rumors for they’ll drag you down to despair. Let them talk all they want, stand up for yourself and let them see that even though something terrible has happened to you, you can still walk with your head held up high. People are so conscious about dignity especially the old ones. What’s in dignity really that every person should have? Simple, dignity is the source of you respect. If you want to be respected then protect your dignity. If you want to be respected, you have to give it in order to have it. It’s just like giving and receiving something much better in return. That’s how it goes. Remember the past where I stated that some people refuse to fight back and hide themselves in the shadows?

Those people whose thoughts are field with negative effects, or things and that they might do more evil acts. They are one of those people who are spreading evil in this world. Examples of those people are drug addicts, sex addicts and so on. But then there are ways to convince those people. To snap out of them and make them realize that they are wrong. Most of theses people are teens, isn’t it a pity if we are not able to help them? We can still convince them from stopping them from doing evil things that can wreck their dignity. The best way, let them hear the world of the Lord our God. Just by hearing those words, they can realize and make things right once and for all.

Their ill manners will change into good ones and they’ll be better persons. Lastly, if there is death in dignity, and there is living without dignity; which is more better, to die with dignity or to live without dignity? This question is bugging us for quite a while. Most of us, fear death that’s why we choose to live even under any circumstances. But what is living without dignity? Isn’t that hard? Those things depends in each one of us. It will be our decision in which will we choose. We are given the freedom to dot the things which we thought it’ll be best for us. But do remember, decide for the better outcome and don’t regret it later. There is nothing you can get for blaming yourself.

III. Conclusion

A. Summary

In our body there are several important things that we have stated. The meaning of dignity, the effect of losing it and many more. There are so many temptations in this world like money, seduction and lust. Most that are tempted are the teenagers. Teenagers are young and they have much to learn. They believe in what they see and stand for it. Teenagers are young and they have much to learn. They believe in what they see and stand for it. Teenagers are like white cloth, it can be dyed with either good and evil.

Those dyes are stains, hard to remove, hard to erase and even if it can be removed there are still marks left from it. Those marks can be a threat to our dignity by the greater threat is the dye. Whether you do the actual evil things or just cooperate with any of those acts, you still brought about the spread of evil in this world. You have not helped in making this world a better place to live in. Therefore, protect your dignity, value it, give importance to it. For your whole well being lies on it.

B. Recommendation

We recommend for you those elders to guide the young ones to the right path. To lead them to a brighter future. And for those who have lost their ways help them to get back and find the good tracks. Even if we lost once, it doesn’t mean we lost forever, let us fight back. We mustn’t stop nor step backwards instead we move forwards. People around you are there for you. Let’s help one another, don’t discourage instead give courage. Respect others, it builds foundation towards relationship. And ask God for help for he knows what to do.

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