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American Muslims

What is a subculture? In studies of cultural subjects , a subculture is defined as a recognizable or definable group of like-minded individuals within the larger more diverse American culture. American culture itself is famous for its immense diversity and constant expansion. But within this culture many people are of different races and backgrounds forming… View Article

Concept of time

Time seemed to be an important aspect that influences the well-being of the elderly in the study. Time consciousness cannot be ignored when one considers the subjective experience of well-being among the institutionalized aged. The finding showed that many of them had a keen awareness of time or awareness of the present. According to their… View Article

God bless

The novel WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST by Gregory Maguire focuses upon an evil soul of a witch, the dialog, “”One never learns how the witch became wicked, or whether that was the right choice for her–is it ever the right choice? “” p. 231 explains how the wickedness of the witch cannot be truly… View Article

The Existence of God

One of the most interesting topics of conversation is God, if he does exist and if he does exist what is his nature. Many philosophers, theologians, teachers, and even students try to understand the meaning of God’s existence. They try to figure out the existence and nature of God using tools that are at their… View Article

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

In the first approximately 40% of the sermon, Edwards (1741) used the pronoun “they. ” “They” were “the wicked unbelieving Israelites” (p. 1) and the opening biblical quotation he used actually underestimated God’s rage at the ingrates he had saved: “I will heap calamities against them… wasting famine… consuming pestilence and deadly plague” (Holy Bible:… View Article

Is there a god?

The justification for the belief in the existence of God has historically evaded the scope of empirical verification. However, extraordinary historic events and profound cultural and political evolutions have taken place due to the influence of religious beliefs. Additionally, religious belief has impacted matters of social justice, economic parity, and moral and ethical beliefs all… View Article

Is the belief in God rational?

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalm 14:1, KJV ) “ He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38, KJV) As per Holy Bible, in the beginning, when there was no form, God had worked for… View Article

Is Jesus God?

Christianity has been rigid in the self-contradictory allegation that a human being put to death as a malefactor is the origin of God’s life-giving and transforming Spirit. Also, this “good news” has been reckoned as imbecility to the wise of the world (Morwood 17). The specialty of the Christological fashion of discussing about Jesus dwells… View Article

Most Intriguing Person I Have Met

Introduction God is omnipresent and omnipotent. His representatives are Angels whose food is only fasting. They fly in the air as they take themselves very light. God and His angels could send only leaders, messengers, prophets to earth to proclaim about the goodness of God and to enable humanity to bear a fruitful life by… View Article

The Prophecy of Israel By Leon J. Wood An Analytical Book Review

About the Author      Leon J. Wood is known for his enthusiasm in presenting several writings with regards the different issues concerning the holiness and the truthfulness of the accounts found in the Bible. The truthfulness referred to herein directly points out to the major concerns behind the development of Christian belief from the history… View Article

Judaism and the Chosen People of God

Judaism is one of the first monotheistic religions currently surviving. It followers, the Jews, believe that there is only one God who is Almighty and Everlasting. Inscribed in the Torah is the name of God, with four consonants and no vowels. They have high respect for the Lord that they consider his name “too holy… View Article

How is God Related to Sufferings in Psalms and Job?

The book of Psalms and the Book of Job are both parts of the bible that share stories of sufferings, faith and worships. The book of Job was written more than 2,500 years ago which relates the story of Job. Job was a good man and dearly loved by God but in the end must… View Article

The Work of the Prophets order

Introduction             Prophets of the Old Testament times are known to be people who speak for God. They are God’s messengers whose sole job was to proclaim the word of the Lord to His people. In short, they are God’s mouthpiece. There are however misconceptions and confusions as to the exact work of the prophet…. View Article

Gerald Manley Hopkins` `The Windhover`

Explain: “he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing.” The word “rung” used here is an old technical term meaning in this case to rise spirally in flight. The falcon Hopkins describes here circles the air upon the “rein of a wimpling wing.” His flight is reined like a knight would rein his horse…. View Article

Concept Of God In Philosophy

Please explain Immanuel Kant’s challenge to modern theology.  In other words, what is Kant’s epistemology, i.e., his theory of how human beings know (how the mind functions)?  According to this theory, then, is it possible to know God?  Is it possible to have natural knowledge of God or to experience God in his view?  How… View Article

Good News Final Question

A young man named Saul stood by and watched as a crowd stoned Stephen.  He went on to be a major persecutor of Christians for a number of years.  One day he was on his way to Damascus, he was blinded by a light and God spoke to him.  He was converted to Christianity and… View Article

Is God Responsible for Evil in the World?

For thousands of years already the adepts of the three world’s most widespread monotheistic religions, which are Christianity, Islam and Judaism, have been arguing for whether their deity is responsible for all the evil that happens in our world. Numerous books were written on this issue, and lots of disputes took place worldwide, but the… View Article

The Liturgical Recital Of The Apocalypse

The liturgical recital of the apocalypse brought a real experience of the kingdom of God as apocalypse is the original revelation of the plan of God concerning the ultimate future of this earth. The golden fact in apocalypse is nothing but the kingdom of God which God has prepared for his chosen people. The chances… View Article

The Messianic Secret

The Messianic Secret is a phrase that refers to Jesus having commanded his followers not to reveal to others that he is the Messiah in the Gospel of Mark. He had to come up with a convincing explanation for why Jesus did not seem like a messiah during the course of his life. By emphasizing… View Article

“The God That Sucked” by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank wrote the article “The God That Sucked”. It would be no exaggeration to say that this article shocks, astonishes and makes people look on their lives differently. The god that sucked. Who is this god? Why did he suck? The god is the market. The rule of the life is to obey to… View Article

Through the Inferno: Dante and Virgil

During the middle of his life, Dante stops listening to his conscience as he is attracted by sin.  At this crucial juncture of his life, Virgil approaches him to guide him back to the correct path.  In Canto III, lines 31-57, Virgil and Dante approach the outskirts of Hell.  This passage is very interesting as… View Article

Pascal’s Wager

There are many things in this world that we have no means to confirm. This is especially true when we are talking about things that are spiritual in nature, such as the existence of God. While no living person has claimed that he has seen God using the limits of his sight, there is no… View Article

On Berkeley’s Concept of God and Heinous Sins

It is a misconstrual in positing that George Berkeley’s axiom that God being the author of ideas is responsible for all heinous crimes. And worst, claiming that such postulate of Berkeley is the loophole in his argument and philosophical treatise is reading his philosophic stance superficially. Relying on a version of the argument from design,… View Article

Paul`s Missionary Tactics in Acts

From the beginning Almighty God has been using his saints by the power of Holy Spirit and accomplished several of His purposes. Jesus Christ instructed all His disciples to work by the power of Holy Spirit who is a representative of mighty works of God. “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give… View Article

Christian Apologist

Included in the 10 most influential Christians of the 20th century alongside Karl Barth, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther King Jr, and Billy Graham, the Christian History magazine named him “the atheist scholar who became an Anglican, an apologist, and a ‘patron saint’ of Christians everywhere. ” He was also dubbed as an “apostle to… View Article

How the Bible Shows God as Creator

The Bible has many different ways of showing God as the creator of the universe. Many people use the Bible to reflect on what God did for them, so that they are able to live as they do now. The Judaeo-Christian belief is that everything has been created; therefore there must have been a creator…. View Article

Veronica Aunsionwu

Veronica Aunsionwu, founder of The Lord’s Word on Healing Ministry and author of several books on overcoming infertility, would like to announce the creation of her newest website, Beautifulandpregnanant. com. This website promotes her new books, Woman, You Are Not Infertile, volumes one and two. These books give practical advice from the Word of God… View Article

Night – Devotion to God

Under certain circumstances, one’s perspective towards their faith in God may change, which is demonstrated in the memoir Night. Wiesel’s initial devotion to God and his faith undergoes a radical transformation in the face of his horrendous experiences, resulting in apparently soils and cynical atheism, but his faith survives to some degree in spite of… View Article

The paradox of omnipotence, and Mackie`s solution

Omnipotence is inexhaustible, unlimited power. The attribute of omnipotence (being all powerful) is generally a quality of the God of monotheistic religions. There exists an argument, however, that the concept of an omnipotent being is paradoxical, meaning that it is logically impossible that an omnipotent being can exist. One of the more well-known renderings of… View Article

The Experience of a Changing Man

The contour of one’s personal life is characterized by ebbs and successes. Yet, there is no thing in life that precedes every goal, aspiration, and vision of daily existence except that which questions eternity and the concept of God. During my childhood, I pondered on the basic question that every child asks to their parents:… View Article