God Essay Topics

Being a true disciple of Jesus

A03. “It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world” Do you agree? Christianity is a worldwide religion and this leads us to believe that it is possible to be a true disciple in the modern world. “Modern Christians believe that they are called to follow the example Jesus… View Article

The main types of religious experience

Religious Experience is a non-empirical occurrence which may even be perceived as supernatural. It is a “mental-event” which is undergone by an individual, and of which that person is aware – a subjective experience. Such an experience can be spontaneous, or it may be brought about as a result of intensive training and self-discipline. Recipients… View Article

Explain what is meant by natural law

Natural moral law contains ethical theories which express that there is a natural order to our world that should be followed. A quote from Cicero, De Republica elaborates on the idea that natural law ethics is a universal and a prescriptive ethical theory, “The law will not lay down one rule in Rome and another… View Article

The religious believer

Explain the difficulties which the problem of evil poses for the religious believer. [35] Evil is a multifaceted term that can refer to moral evil (acts committed by human beings such as murder or rape) or natural evil (naturally occurring events such as famines, diseases and earthquakes). Both forms cause unimaginable human suffering. John Hick… View Article

Jesus Christ

Curley, I’m writing this letter cause for a long time I’ve been wanting to tell ya somethin’. When we married I knew from the firs’ day that you weren’t any good for me, from the firs’ day of our marriage I disliked you. An’ you know why, cause you’re nothin’ then jus’ a dirty ranch… View Article

No definition of a miracle is adequate

Many philosophers have attempted to define what exactly constitutes a miracle in a number of ways outlining definitions which contain the criteria for what phenomena can be counted as miraculous. Whether a definition is adequate seems highly subjective but will likely be one that is acceptable by non-Christians as well as Christians who in all… View Article

Gothic art

n 1250, the European art was totally transformed in what today we call Gothic art. This architectural style has three periods: The transition from Romanesque to Gothic from the 12th and 13th centuries, the height of its period in the 13th and 14th centuries, and the fall or decadence in the 15th and 16th centuries…. View Article

Greek Tragedy

Art and literature has existed throughout time to represent and express cultural values, ideals and perceptions. It often portrays the forces that push one’s particular culture onward, mentally stimulating and expanding individual mind and thought. In ancient Greek culture, Art and Literature is combined in a way that represented all of these things to its… View Article

In Miltons paradise lost, god

In Milton’s Paradise Lost, God is portrayed as having limited influence and contact with our world. This is perhaps a result of his respect for free will/conscience. This lack of contact is supported by one; God’s passiveness, there are several situations in the book in which God seems like he should be able to influence… View Article

The country pleasures which John Donne mentioned

In Donne’s poetry, individual desire operates on two levels: on one level, it is the desire which is born out of the lower self and seeks gratification in the pleasures of the senses. On another level desire is spiritual and it seeks to transcend the physical. The “country pleasures” which John Donne mentioned in “The… View Article

Discussing Hamlet

At various times, Shakespeare has been seen by critics as presenting Hamlet as a sensitive poet, unable to endure the cruel pressures of the world, a man driven by sexual desire for his mother, and a representative to a corrupt political regime. Which would be your interpretation and why? The character of Hamlet can simply… View Article

Bless me ultima research paper

Antonio does not give up his dream of being a priest, even though is severely disappointed by the Catholic religion. He becomes a different kind of spiritual leader, one his people are not quite ready to accept. In a dream, Antonio cries out to Jesus as he suffers on the cross: “My God, my God,… View Article

American Muslims

What is a subculture? In studies of cultural subjects , a subculture is defined as a recognizable or definable group of like-minded individuals within the larger more diverse American culture. American culture itself is famous for its immense diversity and constant expansion. But within this culture many people are of different races and backgrounds forming… View Article

Concept of time

Time seemed to be an important aspect that influences the well-being of the elderly in the study. Time consciousness cannot be ignored when one considers the subjective experience of well-being among the institutionalized aged. The finding showed that many of them had a keen awareness of time or awareness of the present. According to their… View Article

God bless

The novel WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST by Gregory Maguire focuses upon an evil soul of a witch, the dialog, “”One never learns how the witch became wicked, or whether that was the right choice for her–is it ever the right choice? “” p. 231 explains how the wickedness of the witch cannot be truly… View Article