Goals of Bureaucracy Essay

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Goals of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is an organizational or governmental structure wherein the regulations and principles are set in a specified and rigid way to control the activities within a group. Bureaucracy follows a standardized set of procedures which its members are expected to follow in order to execute tasks. Bureaucracy is highlighted by its distinct characteristics which put emphasis on hierarchy, division of powers and relationships which translate to a formal political influence within the organization. The modern day practice of bureaucracy is set to towards reaching predetermined goals by sticking to rigid policies.

Bureaucrats are expected to follow certain rules and regulations in order to ensure a smooth work flow within the organization (“Bureaucracy and Adhocracy,” n. d) Bureaucracy under different types of government works either for the benefit of the people, or their demise. As such, there are certain values that bureaucrat representatives must take into account in order to efficiently provide for the needs of the majority. There are different values which bureaucrats must be able adhere. These values are efficiency, accountability, neutrality and responsiveness to citizens among others.

However, I personally believe that among these qualities and goals that a bureaucratic government must adhere, accountability and neutrality are two of the most important. Accountability within a government body is always important. Government bodies are elected because the majority of the people have chosen them represent their needs in the society. And as such, in a bureaucracy or in any other form of government, the importance of putting the people first is always a necessity (Mises, 1969, pp. 42-60). Accountability, if observed within a government translates into the other goals that bureaucracy should be accounted for.

If government officials or bureaucrats will hold themselves accountable for the needs of the people, then they also render themselves responsive to the needs of the people who entrusted the government into leadership. Further, neutrality within the government system is equally as important. Leaders of a nation must, at all times, maintain neutrality – between the rich and poor; majority and minority. In this way, the rights of every individual for a fair and just treatment in the society will never be less prioritized.

The right to fair treatment in the court or in the people’s daily lives is one of the most important aspect that a government or organization must provide to their people (Mises, 1969, pp. 42-60). Failure to provide the people with these two – accountability and neutrality – any government body or organization will function less properly and less effective in addressing the needs of the people. In addition, failure to make the people feel that the government is neutral in dealing with their people, and if the people felt that their government is less accountable to their needs and rights, people lose the trust they have for their government.

Losing the trust of the people means that the organization itself is not efficient and is not effective into delivering the needs of the people. Thus, accountability and neutrality are two of the most distinct and important goals that any government or bureaucracy must instill. Accountability and neutrality, if put into practice, shall guide the government and the people to work efficiently together. These two values will render the government or organizational body the credibility towards the people under their rule. And as such, credibility shall also earn leaders respect and trust from the people.

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