Goals and Objectives Essay

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Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Analyzing consumer awareness of health juice.


We will provide a clear idea regarding the customer’s awareness towards the health juice as well as towards different variety of fruits. The customer’s awareness to create a demand towards our product. Goal 2: Understanding the individual’s demographic profile of consumer.


The customer acceptance depends upon the knowledge for the variety fruit in the surrounding that they have gained their maturity level during growth of the age. The age factor is an important factor to know product demand for a particular age group. So, the interest can be made to motivate those age groups for buying our product.

Goal 3: Identifying of influencing factor of purchase.


Based on our survey, some of the general reasons like variety of fruits, price, topping and packaging appearance will affected customers purchasing power. Thus, the influencing factor of purchasing power makes a producer understand the consumer’s need and services.

Goal 4: Analyzing consumer buying behaviour and demand.
The buying behaviour of is an important parameter which consists of customer preference. The demand of this activity can be known from the customer’s buying pattern and parameters that he considers during buying a health juice like quantity, price, packaging appearance and delivery mode. The demand also depends upon some of the others factors like purchasing power population, promotion activities of product in this activity. Goal 5: Satisfying consumer’s benefit.

Customer is giving a wide choice of different fruits. We are providing a variety of different fruits for customer to choose. As sugary soft drinks are low in nutritional level, we can persuade the customer to recover our
health juice which can satisfy their needs a healthy and long lasting energy drinks. So, customer will be evaluating the level of satisfaction that they received. All of the product will be priced fairly.

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality of health juice. We tend to attract customers through selling health juice. When we are adhering to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of the customers.

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