Goal Statement Essay

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Goal Statement

I have planned on becoming a teacher for years. After receiving my own education, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my students. In the past I have taught classes in creative writing, instrumental music, sailing, various sciences, and religious education, allowing me to experience the interactions between teacher and students in different environments. The age of my students ranged from seven to fifteen, so I utilized a variety of teaching techniques to keep the students interested. I have grown to love teaching and every time I see a look of understanding on a child’s face, I feel I have made a difference in their development, even if it was just a small impact.

I look forward to the opportunities provided by the college I have chosen to enroll in, to be active in the educational communities of Rhode Island, especially through their practical teaching programs in connection with coursework in their College of Arts and Sciences. I plan on learning as much as I can through these courses so I may be better prepared to pursue a successful career as an educator. I will be striving towards a double major in Secondary Education and either a math or science topic, and once I receive my degree I plan on becoming a teacher at in the science and/or math course focused on during my.

I plan on using the information I have gained through my college studies to be not only a competent educator, but also an expert in the field I decide to teach. As an educator, it will be my goal to demonstrate fairness to each student by providing the knowledge and explanation necessary for them to succeed both in my class and in life. As my contribution to the community, I plan to pass on the benefits of my college education to future generations through my career as a teacher.

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