Goal Setting Worksheet Essay

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Goal Setting Worksheet

Review this week’s resources (for example SMART criteria, and the Career Plan Building Activities). Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

1. Describe one academic goal that you have created using the SMART criteria. How do SMART criteria contribute to your academic goals?.

An academic goal that I have created using the SMART criteria is to have my assignments completed and turned in on time in each class by starting to work on them at least seven days prior to the due date and working on them each day for at least an hour until it is completed.

2. Describe one professional/career goal you have created using the SMART criteria and Career Plan Building Activities results. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development?

A career goal that I have created using the SMART criteria is to get in touch with social workers in my area so that I may gain more knowledge and insight into the career field that I am interested in. The career interest profiler solidified for me that I would take great interest in a field that would involve social working.

3. Describe the stress and time-management strategies you have learned this week that will help you achieve your goals.

The stress strategy that stuck out to me that will help me to achieve my goal is to let unnecessary things in my life go. The time management skills that I have learned this week that will help me to achieve my goals are to anticipate something unexpected to happen so that I will not fall behind. Another time management skill that I have learned is to set my priorities in order so that I will more able to achieve my goals.

4. Describe how you will balance academic expectations and your personal and professional responsibilities.

I will balance my academic expectations, my personal responsibilities, and my professional responsibilities by setting up daily schedules and setting aside enough time for studying, any family activity planned, and the time I will be spending at work.

5. How can understanding the importance of SMART criteria and your career interests and competencies help you move towards your career and academic goals?

Understanding the importance of the SMART criteria, my career interests, and my competencies will help me to achieve my goals by helping me to understand where I am good at and the areas that I need to work harder at to achieve my goals.

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