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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations Essay

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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28.14.

What does this command of Jesus mean?

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In today’s society people can make others into disciples without realising it. The world relies on a few people to act as examples and model Christians to set an example for others. These are people like Mother Teresa who stepped aside from the normal routine of life to give up theirs to help others.

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In 1948 Mother Teresa was granted permission to leave her post at the convent and begin a ministry among the sick. In 1952 Mother Teresa opened the Nirmal Hriday (Pure Heart) Home for Dying Destitutes in Calcutta. Subsequently she extended her work to five continents.

“The rich young man” ( Matthew 19:16-30), A wealthy Jew asked Jesus what he needs to do to receive eternal life. Jesus answers him that he needs to obey the commandments. The man then asks him what he needs to do to be perfect. Jesus answered him that he needs to give up everything he owns and to follow Jesus. However, the man refused and walked away sadly.

This story is an example of someone who cannot give up all his money to be a true disciple, but people like mother Teresa who give up everything they have to help the sick, poor and those in need. By doing this they help people on the road to discipleship by acting as examples.

“Happy are those who are humble,” You can lead people on the road to discipleship by being a good Christian. You don’t have to preach to them and show off how holy you are, but be kind, generous and helpful and they will learn from you.

People can recognize you and learn how to be a good disciple from you, if you do missionary work in another country. If you have the money and time you could go to a poor country and set up a school or a hospital. For some this can be too much, so even small sponsorships or helping the local parish can set an example to others and make them think how they can help.

By helping your local church you can set an example, you could help the priest in preparing the sermons or you could read at masses, “Happy are those who are spiritually poor.” Matthew 5v3 You don’t have to make a great scene, but try to be discreet and people will recognize you.

” Those who are ashamed of me I will be ashamed of them on the last day.” By standing up and defending the church against those who oppose it, others will notice you and follow you as an example.

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There are many people who have taken up the challenge of doing great good; each and every one of them is a great example to the world.

“Happy are those who are prosecuted for doing what God requires.” Terry Waite was a special envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was a negotiator who was trying to free hostages in Lebanon but was taken hostage himself. For five years he was chained to a tiny cell 23 hours of the day. Throughout this time he didn’t lose his faith

” I am not a man who wears his faith on his sleeves, I’ve never believed it is an insurance policy: we don’t live in a just or fair world. If you have faith you can say suffering needn’t destroy, that something good can emerge from it. But faith is there to shape your life, not to give you special protection.” Terry Waite

” Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,” This commandment can present a problem in modern day context. Although it is the word of God, people may not be interested in the teachings of Christianity.


It is Gods wish and command that people should preach the word of God.

By preaching you are giving others the chance to receive eternal life.

There is nothing bad about Christianity, its morals are all good.

People are not forced to become Christian, they have the choice.


You may want to discover Christianity for yourself, you may not want it told to you.

Preaching may put people off.

It is wrong to force it onto people.

In some countries it is illegal to be a practicing Christian. By preaching Christianity in these countries you are encouraging them to break the law.

I believe it is a Christian’s duty to go out into the world spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. However I understand that people will not always welcome Christianity into their lives. It is probably true that actions speak louder than words and by setting an example by being a good Christian is more effective then preaching in spreading the word of God.


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