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Global warming is happening and it’s getting worse everyday. If we don’t take this problem upon ourselves, and take drastic action to help save our environment, Earth’s most precious gifts could be lost forever. Do you want to help? Here are some useful ways to help reduce your own carbon footprint on the Earth!


Recycling is more than just tossing a few things in your bin here and there. You need to do more to make a positive impact.

One way to reduce waste is to buy products with minimal packaging. Economy size things are great, since they are usually much bigger and you aren’t buying so many smaller packages. Also you can try to buy reusable products. For example, when cleaning your kitchen you can use a wash cloth that can be laundered afterwards, rather than using half a roll of paper towels. Remember to recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass and aluminum cans.

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If you recycle half of your household waste each year, you will save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.


Changing out your light bulbs with the energy efficient bulbs not only is great for the earth…it’s great on your bills as well! They actually give off more light than the old ones, and also last much longer!


This is a trick that will save the planet and your wallet at the same time. Make your home more energy efficient by adding insulation and weather stripping.

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Also, set your thermostat two degrees higher in the summer and two degrees lower in the winter.Just throw on a sweater, or cuddle with your spouse! This will also allow you to pay less for heating and air conditioning while saving about 2,000 pounds of carbon emissions each year.


Join a carpool or take the bus. You can help the environment and save money on gas. If your work isn’t too far away, try walking or biking to work. Maybe you can add a few years to your life by getting some exercise too!


Look for products that say Earth Friendly, Greenlist, Plant Based Ingredients, or All Natural…even Organic. Buying these products are healthy for you as well. All those extra chemicals are making us sick, and polluting our earth.


If you can’t buy the reusable cloth bags and avoid using the stores bags all together…you can at least reuse them at home. Please just don’t throw them away. Those things are turning up everywhere! They are killing millions of marine animals in our oceans. These animals are confused by them, and when they are eaten, they die! So please, at least recycle them if your not going to use them for something else!

As a concerned citizen, you should do your part to lessen the effects of global warming. Please take global warming seriously….Let’s save the planet, and go GREEN!

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