GNU Public License and its Role Essay

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GNU Public License and its Role

The LINUX software and other products are restricted with a License or patents to keep individual from altering or modifying the software. Developers usually release their software programs the way they think it best suit the potential business owner or users. The General Public License (GNU) role is to ensure when new software is released that it remains free to everyone to use as they please. The GNU role is to remove any software that has no source code. The parts that do not contain a source code are called binary blob and firmware generally redistributable, do not give the user the freedom to modify or study them.

General Public License know as (GNU) General Public License was created by Richard M. Stallman in 1970 when he was a programmer at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence lab. The General Public License (GNU/ GPL) is a copy left license for software and other kinds of work that are free to the public The General Public License is the most popular free and open source software (FOSS) license today. According to Ronald “free software and open source are often interchangeably used (and the respective movements share many common goals” (2006). The General Public License purpose is to guarantee individual or developers the freedom to share and alter any version of a program to ensure it remains free and available to every individual. The General Public License is used by the Free Software Foundation( FSF), for most of their software programs; it also applies to other work made public by the author. Free software refer to political movement while open source refer to software development methodology.

When talking about free software program it is speaking of freedom not an amount of money. The General Public License were created to assure that people have the freedom to hand out copies of software and make a profit for them if you desire. When an individual receive a source code the GNU allow the individual to change the software or use part of it in newer free programs and know you can do these things. The GNU protects individual right with two steps that are assert copyright of the software and offers license that gives legal permission to copy, distribute, or modify it. The GNU monitor individual that want to go in a different direction. This means that contrast, individuals, groups an or organization offers software and other work to the public with access for modification and distribution. LINUX type across the computer world was changed by individuals across the computer world and when this was done the changes made it more efficient. The role of GNU is to allow individual to run a program for any purpose and also personalize each one as their own. .

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