Globalization & world Essay

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Globalization & world

In general terms, globalization refers to the economical, cultural and societal changes, which are experienced in the whole world as a result of integrated and common trade, transport and communication network systems. The whole issue of globalization is complex with potential debates on its causes and effects ranging from technological to social- cultural and political factors.

Although globalization has been associated with many positive impacts to the society and the world at large, the negative consequences cannot be ignored because of their far reaching effects to the people in the world. This paper seeks to discuss the health problems caused by globalization. It also gives some of the solutions to this problem. As the whole world is increasingly becoming interconnected, human health is becoming more complex. For instance, globalization has changed the lifestyle of people.

It can be appreciated that modern behavioral changes such as the smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activities and increasingly high use of illegal drugs, which are factors attributed to globalization, are risking human health and hence increasing the chances of low lifespan (Guindon, & Pang, 2004). Globalization has also resulted to the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases. This is evidenced in the recent out break of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and its rapid spread in the modern world hence imposing a risk of global pandemic (Guindon, & Pang, 2004).

Further to this, the enhanced global movements of goods and people have contributed amicably to the spread of diseases. For example, the advancement of canned food production, trade and increasingly high consumption has facilitated the spread of food born diseases. Behavioral changes associated with global worming such as sexual immoralities (increased sex tourism) in the modern society have contributed to the spread of HIV and AIDS which has been declared as a global epidemic (Huynen, et al 2005).

In addition to this, modern society is experiencing high teenage pregnancies which results to health complications. One of the solutions to the negative impacts of globalization to health is by promoting health education in the society. Education will empower people to understand the effects of different lifestyles, which include foods consumed. (Wamala & Kawachi 2007). Further to this, the society should discourage unhealthy behaviors through appropriate legislation and public awareness.

In conclusion therefore, globalization has far reaching effects to health which should be addressed at international levels for the common good of all people in the world. ? Bibliography Guindon, E, & Pang, T 2004, Globalization and risks to health, viewed 21 August 2010, <http://www. nature. com/embor/journal/v5/n1s/full/7400226. html> Huynen, et al, 2005, Globalization and Health, viewed 21 August 2010, <http://www. biomedcentral. com/content/pdf/1744-8603-1-14. pdf> Wamala, S, & Kawachi, I 2007, Globalization and Health, Oxford University Press, New York.

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