Globalization in the hospitality industry Essay

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Globalization in the hospitality industry

1: Educating workers around the world: Due to globalization, managers and employees of hospitality industry are able to learn about the different cultures, people, religions and other different prospects of life. Globalization also helps them to understand what importance of humanity is. Racism is still a part of some people but due to globalization it is getting hidden. 2: Multilingual services: Due to globalization more and more people from different parts of the world are traveling around the world. Hotels got benefit by these modernization but to maintain this traveling many hotels hire people who know different languages so that their customers feel comfortable and safe.

3: More knowledge about different cultures: So,e years back, people are not use to travel internationally and due to this many people were not aware of different cultures and traditions around the world but now people do travel and this increases the knowledge of people to understand about various cultures For example: When In India, I see tourist coming from Africa and they wear their traditional clothes and speak different language. This way I understand their culture and their heritage.\ 4: Increasing knowledge about different variety of foods: Due to this vast trend of globalization, more and more restaurants and hotels have different variety of food because you never know which people are coming from which part of the world. Everybody love food and when they see their own food somewhere they feel so relaxed.\

For example: Chinese tourist travels all around the world and so all big cities have “China Town”. These things attract Chinese people go and visit these places which are far from China but yet very similar Chinese tradition. 5: Increase in trade agreements: Globalization increase trade agreements between two countries as It is good for the economy of both countries as well as for the benefit of people who wants to understand other country’s culture and heritage, For example: Canada and China have very strong trade relations as China is the second largest trading partner.

These relations are maintained because of this increasing multiculturalism. 6: Increase in equality among people and language and cultural barriers reduced: When people travel and work in different parts of world, this reduce language and cultural barriers and increase equality among people as they all feel comfortable with working with different people. This is one the major advantage of globalization because non equality and racism are biggest enemy of humanity. Now people have to be more knowledgeable to take any actions against any culture or race

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