Globalization, Culture and Indigenous Societies Essay

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Globalization, Culture and Indigenous Societies

Globalization describe by Richard Wilk is the world wide impact of industrialization and its socioeconomic, political, and cultural consequences on the world, which include migration of labor, increaing spread of industrial technology. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, that when a indivdual purchases a computer of the shelf, the technology is already obsolete. With the advancement of technology, it is causing countries to become modernizied.

Such as inda, which was at one point a third world, but is now becoming mecha, for new businesses. But with monderization, comes dependency, such as with the invetion of the car, we have become depenent on oil, such so that we no longer get the majority of our oil from america, but from other countries. Companys the exxion, pay a certain amount of money for this oil, and will sell it to the consumer for 3 or 5 times the amount they paid, knowing the that consumer will pay the price set by the company, thus exploiting the consumer.

Companys our now exploiting other countries, like china, they will out source products to be built in china, and charge the chinese worker a wage of lets say 50 cents an hour, instead or the americans work $9. 25 an hour to make the same product. With the rapid expansion of globalization, has change a lot of countries, it has in some cases, destroyed cultures, mainly for the countires resources. With epansion can come cultural change, someimes it is forced, case in point the mbuti tribe. The Mbuti, had been in contact with ousiders for centuries, but chose to retain their tradional way of life.

During the colonial peroid, government officials tried to resettle the mbuti. The resettling was a disaster. It isnt the first time a government has tried to move a society of peole, one such case is the native american of north america. The united states put the native amerians on reservation, one such tribe would be the navajo indians. Globalization has had negative impact on a lot of small societys. It has destroyed their culture, their land, the people themselves to some extent. But in bigger societys, it has caused a triving oasis.

But the downfalls our dependency. If we were to gradually, incorpate globalization of what bigger societys, in to smaller societys it would allow the intergration of the old and new, to eventually over time, it would evolve into something new. Such inda, and its marriage practices, the man works the women takes care of the home, but there our some women who want to work and take care of the home. Chapter Globalization in latin america, africa and the caribbean Globlization had a major impact in latin amercia in the 1500s.

During this time, a man named hernado, cortes a spanierd, help start a rebellion, in the aztec empire. He gave the aztects non native weapons such as guns, to rebel against their ruler, Montezuma. The aztec state quickly crumpled. But it didnt stop their, the spanish wanted more territory, with the help of their native americans, the went to conquer mesoamerica, including Mexico, Honduras, and guatemala as well as parts of norh amercia, such as california. They exploited the people and land, by developing mining, commercial agricuture, and live stock raising and trading.

This drastically transformed the sociocultural systems of the the americas. In Africa, societies exploited the country but use of slavery. In Africa this system included slaves who were attached to the extended families and be came part of the domestic social unit and as such could marry, own property and were protected from mutilation and murder.. But in western countries thought of them as property and did not have personal rights, could never be incorporated into the owners domestic family or social system.

In the Caribbean islands because they did not have a large agricutrual resource, the colonial powers intrduced commercialized agricutrual usually in the form of sugrar plantations. In some cases, globalization can back fire, is various parts of south america, revolts started happing, and with the migration of various, peoples, south america become intermingled. Religions evolved, as well as devolved. The globalization of africa and south america, drasically change its land scape and its people forever. Many people lost their homes as well as their heritage.

The africans lost a country when they were brought to the americas to become slaves. They lost many freedoms.. Chapter 15 Globalization in the middle east and asia. Just as in latin america, africa and the Caribbean, globalization had a negative impact for coutries in the middle east and in asia. With colonization, can dieses, and death. At one point weastern societies, tried to change the religion of many countries in the middle east as well as in various countries in asia. For the most part they did not succeed.

Just as in south america, when came to colonization in the middle east and in asia, there came revolution. But some were more peace then others such as mohandas gahdis protests for indias independence from the British. Unlike china’s protests which were more violent, which lead to china forming a communist movement. These revolts and protects, change many countries, thus forming newer countries in the process. When these countries changed, some became very wealth while others became poor, for example, some countries in the middle east, had oil, many others did not.

In the middle east, the Islamic tradition and Arab culture influence the patterns of family life and gender. With the globalization of the middle east and asia, came change, but mostly the change was met with revolution and for the most part it was a very violet one. Some countries tried to isolate them selves such as china, from the rest of the outside world. When you have a society that is trying to drastically change another culture it is almost always going to be met with hostility. But what comes out of it, when the dust settles, it could be go or band. But usually the change eventually turns out to be good.

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