Globalization Argumentative Paper Essay

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Globalization Argumentative Paper

Is globalization good or bad in the business world today? There are good and bad sides to everything now days. It’s just weighing your options out to see what fits better. In the next couple of paragraphs we will go over what is good and what could be bad in globalization in the business world.

Globalization Good

The good side to globalization is all about the efficiencies and opportunities open markets create. Local producers can sell their products worldwide. This creates more business for them. Globalization has made the flow of money around the world easier. Creating more jobs around the world. (1 Premise) Globalization is great to the markets around the world. They have been able to expand their businesses.

Globalization Bad

The bad side to globalization is new uncertainty and risks that have risen. It has made the competition between markets intensify. (2 Premise) Companies that we enjoying this globalization are now facing unpredictable demand and business opportunities. With there being so much competition and being under constant pressure of new competitors, leaves the current companies with little to no pricing power. Another bad side of globalization is declining money flows across local and national boundaries.


Is globalization good or bad? There are many advantages and several disadvantages to globalization. But it is each individual’s personal opinion. (1 Conclusion) Globalization is good and can continue to be good for the world. Everyone is going to look at this issue in a different way. Although globalization is good in many individuals eyes, it is still bad in many others eyes. (2 Conclusion) There are many risks that come with globalization, and so many uncertainties. This is why this will be an ongoing debate to whether globalization is benefitting us locally and nationally, or if it’s hurting the entire world.

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