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Globalization and Pollution

Globalization is the process of countries becoming more connected over time. Countries depend on each other more for raw materials and finished products. Countries trade with each other for more goods and services. How the products are made and used is 1 extracting materials 2 manufacturing 3 distributing a product 4 using product 5 disposing of a product.

Extracting natural resources fall into 2 categories Renewable resources and nonrenewable sources. manufacturing and distributing, products as connection and trade increase countries by demand more natural resources, transport natural resources worldwide, and transport finished products worldwide.

Consumers use and dispose of products more quickly.

Pollution occurs when harmful substances build up to unhealthy levels. Pollution can affect water, air, and land. Deforestation is the destruction of forests for agriculture, housing, or industry. Dangers of deforestation include erosion, loss of habitats for species, diminished air quality, and decreased rainfall, which leads to an increased risk of drought.

The endangerment of species. Human activities can danger the survival of plant and animal species.

Endangerment species struggle because of displacement from their homes, destruction of their home environments, and invasive species introduced by humans.

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