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Essay on Globalization

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The Castle & From Little Things Big Things Grow

Despite bribes and threats the Gurindji stood their ground. The longer they waited, the stronger they became. What many outsiders had thought unthinkable at first came to pass almost nine years later, when the Labor government of the day agreed to give them back their land. The Prime Minister himself, Gough Whitlam, came out to Gurindji country to officiate at the handover ceremony and said, ‘I ...

Globalization and Import Substitution Industries

So, mainly Imports and exports may seem like general terms that have little bearing on everyday life, but they exert a profound influence on the consumer and the economy. In today’s interlinked global economy, consumers are used to seeing products and produce from every corner of the world in their local malls and stores. These overseas products or imports provide more choices to consumers and h...

Deficit, Surplus and Debt in USA Economy

GDP is affected by deficits, levels of debt and budget surpluses. When the U.S. runs a high deficit, debt levels increase putting pressure on economic growth. The Reinhart/Rogoff research concluded that when a country's gross debt exceeds 90% of GDP, "median growth rates fall by one percent, and average growth falls considerably more” (Sahadi, 2013). Budget surpluses impact GDP growth positively...

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Internal and External Factors at Wal-Mart

Govindarajan, V. & Gupta, A. (1999). Taking Wal-Mart Global: Lessons From Retailing's Giants, Retrieved June 21, 2008, from http://www.strategy-business.com/press/16635507/13866Walmart Completes Goal To Sell Only Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, Retrieved June 21, 2008, from http://walmartstores.com/AboutUs/7603.aspxBateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2007). Management: The New Competitive...

Globalisation on Jamaica

* Stigliz mentioned protecting the environment is a growing concern for globalization. The success of economic development in China and India increases the need for energy usage and the use of resources. I agree with Stigliz’s notion that the world’s environment would not able to sustain this change. This year, there was a public outcry of Beijing’s air pollution when the Air Quality Index i...

The New International Economic Order

The eclectic 1987 book presented what I considered to be the three major perspectives on international political economy (IPE)--liberalism, Marxism, and nationalism; this book takes a consciously realist or state-centric approach to analysis of the international economy. Differing from many contemporary writings on the global economy, I believe that the nation-state remains the dominant actor in b...

Global Business Cultural Analysis

In addition, the Greek employees may think that the Americans are too aggressive and ambitious in the workplace, thereby possibly creating a rift among the employees. Hence, the recommendation is that prior to the establishment of the American operation in Greece, both sides need to be educated about the cultures they are about to encounter. Since that Greece is going to host the company, the Amer...

Emerging Logistics Strategy

Supply chain management and cycle time compression are complementary logistics strategy which progressive firms are employing in many different ways and in many different settings. These strategies are not simply or easily developed, but the results achieved through their use are often dramatic. Any firm which is truly serious about competing in the marketplace should very carefully consider the i...

Ratan Tata Handing Over His Business

The third thing that makes leaders successful is their ability to create and develop a set of leaders in their organisations. Through TAS (Tata Administrative Services) and other leadership initiatives, Ratan Tata was able build a cadre of leaders who demonstrate the Tata values and contribute significantly to the organisation. A common leadership thread runs through and across different Tata ente...

Pros and Cons of Kyoto Protocol

On the whole, Kyoto Protocol is rather controversial instrument in global climate change arena. The deal should be taken as a serious step toward improving the future generations living conditions as well as preventing possible natural disasters. At the same time its coherence should be periodically reviewed and corrective actions taken based on the comprehensive scientific and environmental resea...

Cross Cultural Analysis of Marketing Under Globalization

also provide challenges for the international businesses where those challenges encourage the business to develop further. All it is required to have a comprehensive knowledge about the impacts of the culture on the international business and prepared with all sorts of precautionary actions to be successive. The followings can be provided as recommendations to be successful in the global business:...

Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia

In 2010, there were 300 different varieties of bananas worldwide, of which about 20 varieties are being grown commercially, mainly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In 2010, bananas were ranked third on the list of staple crops in the world after wheat and coffee, making them critical for economic and global food stability. Bananas are one of the biggest profitmakers in supermarkets. The average...

Pareto Principle in Business Management

A chart that gave the inequality a very visible and comprehensible form, the so? alled 'champagne glass' effect was contained in the 1992 United Nations Development Program Report, which showed the distribution of global income to be very uneven, with the richest 20% of the world's population controlling 82. 7% of the world's income. The Pareto principle has also been used to attribute the widenin...

Globalisation in Kenya

It intervenes through its specialized programs in ensuring security in terms of food,health and physical security,it provided outreach services to the country in acting an advocacy role between donors and government,it directly involves it self in projects that reduce poverty by reaching the affected groups directly,it provides the government of the day with professional issues like budgeting and ...

Oppa Gangnam Style's Influence

Gangnam Style has become a worldwide phenomenon which even UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon agreed that Psy’s Gangnam Style is a powerful force that can establish world peace. General Ban Ki-Moon praised PSY before and he was envy that PSY is more popular than him in Korea. Not only that, General Ban Ki-Moon also learned how to dance the horse-riding dance from PSY. They even performed horse-rid...

Introduction to Global Cities

The dependent places will rely on their global neighbors for sale of their goods and services, access to goods and services they need, information, employment opportunities, etc. (Curtis, 1999). In this way, global cities can also gain access to their resources, using them for their development. Overall, becoming a global city opens many opportunities. An urban center receives tremendous momentum ...

Audience as Market vs Audience as Public

By being interactive, it had been able to solicit questions and opinions from the audience that further create a more informed viewers. Conclusion Broadcasting is a money-making industry that was promoted by a capitalist institution. Although there were views that it is ought to be used and contextualize to serve the public, nevertheless, this view would only be a part of a larger cultural-market ...

Globalization and Free Trade

Globalisation is believed to have significantly contributed to the increase in the overall wealth amongst countries however it has a disequalizing effect as access to wealth between the rich and poor segments of the population is unequal. Government should put in place policy reforms which are aimed at opening up access to finance, developing institutions that encourage lending to the low income g...

Globalization Within the Hospitality Industry

To sustain revenue growth in the premium market, operating a chain of hotels is often an important strategy as it reduces dependence on tourism in any particular location. However, in order to open an international chain of hotels, regulations in terms of real estate and buying abroad need to be taken into consideration and can therefore be restrictive in some countries. The purchase, leasing, and...

Globalization and Successful Regionalization Strategy

It is more common for businesses to utilize some level of regionalization even when using predominantly a globalization strategy. Car makers may make almost the exact same car in different world markets, but they will still have to have the steering wheel on the left or right, depending on country they are serving. In advertising campaigns, some ads will not translate successfully from one languag...

Gambling Entertainment Goes Global

In conclusion, it can be agreed that such implementations by the US government on avoiding Internet gambling are unfair for offshore companies, and the use of time and money on such implementations and regulations are seen as not using these on something that is worthy and of importance, as many parties, such as gamblers, financial institutions etc. involved, see it as unfair, and hence, this migh...

Technology as Driving Force of Globalisation

Technology also accelerates globalisation and makes it more possible. For example, there have been great improvements in the technologies of communications, making it easier and cheaper to communicate internationally. We can make international calls, use e-mail (at lower costs), and even money is now transmitted across the world instantly and freely at almost no cost through technology (Derek Hryn...

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