Global warming: Natural or human- induced Essay

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Global warming: Natural or human- induced

Scientists and environmentalists have defined the term global warming in different ways Global warming refers to the heating of the surface, which leads to climate change and rising sea levels; this is mainly due to emission of gases (www. planningportal. gov. uk/). Others attribute global warming to the consequences of the green house effects. It is also believed that global warming occurs when temperatures of the earth surface increase due to rise of carbon dioxide causing climatic changes hence global warming.

Global warming has in the recent past become a subject of interest among scientists environmentalists and governments among other groups. This is due to the far reaching effects especially the climate change. The question that now begs an answer is whether global warming occurs naturally or it is due to human activities. There has been an increase in global temperature since mid 20th century, There are scientists who hold that global warming is caused by human activities like the emission of gases such as carbon to the atmosphere, burning of fossil fuels, deforestations and similar activities (Job D. A. 1994).

Human activities have been cited as the causes of global warming by environmentalists, who urge for discontinuation of the said activities. Green house gases are highly cited to cause the rise in the temperature of the earth. This is mainly due to anthropogenic GHGs. However; this argument is discredited because rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and green house gases GHGs does not correlate with global warming. Some scientists argue that if the green house gases were causing climate changes through temperature rise, then the troposphere would warm faster than the earth surface and this according to them is not observable.

Temperature measurement indicate that temperatures increase with the rate of the temperature surface. Temperatures have risen and fallen due to the change in the levels of carbon dioxide in a time span of after 1000 years (Net T. 1999). It is uncertain to attribute global warming to the humans. Global warming is due to the effects of natural occurrence such as ocean currents and when the solar system increases its solar activities. Ocean currents are the movements of ocean water in a continuous way, Ocean currents within the ocean of hot or cold rivers.

Forces generate currents which acts upon water causing planet rotation, wind affects the temperatures, this leads to differences in the moon gravitation. Ocean currents may flow for long distances even thousands of kilometers. They determine the climates in areas surrounding the oceans. Some examples are the Hawaiian Islands where the climate of the area is cool than the tropical latitudes. Deep ocean currents are driven by destiny and temperature gradient. Global warming is mostly believed to be caused by human activities.

Some researchers have tried to examine patterns of heat in the temperature warming over land and water in both warm and cold areas. Results revealed some specific patterns regarding the green house gases. Vertical structure of warming was graphically different from natural warming structure. (Santer, B. D et al) According to Thomson, J. (1995), a signal analyst, the accumulation of green house gases had overwhelmed the relatively weaker effects of solar cycle on the climate. He had also noted that season’s timings kept on changing due to emissions of carbons dioxide after the World War II during the industrialization process.

The seasonal pattern had started to change at a very high rate. (“The seasons global temperature and precession” by David J Thomson science vol 268 1995) Research done has continued to strengthen the case for human induced global warming. The national climate date center found that winter–time and night –time low temperatures were rising twice than summer time and daytime high temperature. Researchers argued that if the warming occurs naturally high and low temperatures would rise and fall in a parallel manner rather than the observed temperature range which narrows between daytime highs and nighttime lows.

(David, E. et al 1997) There is relation between temperature changes and factors like volcanic activities and sun’s brightness variations. Abrupt warning had occurred during the 20th century. Most of the climatic analysis on climatic change has suggested that human interventions have been a dominant force behind global warming. Others studies have shown that natural factors had also influenced the change of earths temperature. There has been an increase in carbon dioxide and methane amount in space migrating from the earth atmosphere. These changes occurred between 1970 and 1997.

Human generated carbon dioxide from green house had caused the earth to import heat causing climate change. Many researchers in their studies and analysis of global warming acknowledge that human has induced increase of the earth’s temperature. Gas emissions from industries, deforestation, burning fuels causes rise of the earth temperature. Global warming and climate change is attributed to various factors natural and human induced. Natural factors within the earth’s climate system have brought few changes. Changes earths orbiting around the sun can bring a large change on the earth’s climate system.

However climate change have been altered in a significant variations, this makes it difficult to explain changes in climate as seen since the 20th century as occurring due to natural processes.


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