Global Warming Issues Facing the U.S. Today Essay

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Global Warming Issues Facing the U.S. Today

Throughout history, the fastest increase rate in the average global temperature has been recorded during the past 50 years, and experts further believe that the trend is alarmingly accelerating. Global warming is a complex phenomenon, and its full-blown consequences are difficult to foresee ahead of time. Nevertheless, every year scientists gain more knowledge of how global warming is upsetting the planet, and many have the same opinion that definite outcomes are expected to take place if present trends persist.

Unless Americans reduce global warming emissions, distressing and almost irreversible impact on the country, planet and its life will be greatly expected in the near future. United States Issues Air pollutants, particularly carbon dioxide that is accumulating in the atmosphere is condensing extensively, trapping the heat of the sun and causing the earth to warm up.

Despite the fact that Americans make up merely 4 percent of the world’s inhabitants, yet through fossil-fuel burning, they generate roughly 25 percent of the worldwide carbon dioxide pollution, which is considerably the largest share of any nation (“Global Warming Basics”). In the United States, the largest sources of carbon dioxide are the coal-burning power plants, producing 2. 5 billion tons annually; while automobiles running throughout the country’s streets are the second largest source, producing almost 1.

5 billion tons each year (“Global Warming Basics”). In the United States, global warming is already causing damage in its numerous regions. In June 2006, a panel organized by the United States National Research Council, the leading science policy body of the country, expressed confidence that the planet is the hottest it has been in at least four centuries, and probably even the last 20 centuries (“Global Warming”).

Snow buildup in the United States has declined by almost 60 percent and winter seasons have abridged in a number of regions of the Cascade Range in Washington and Oregon since the early 1950s (“Global Warming Basics”). Oregon, Arizona and Colorado suffered their most terrible wildlife seasons, and drought produced relentless dust storms in Kansas, Colorado and Montana, and floods caused hundreds of millions of dollars in destruction in North Dakota, Kansas, Colorado and Montana.

All the same, by the last part of the century, global warming is expected to further elevate the typical temperatures of the United States to three to nine degrees, which is expected to affect more of the country’s species and wildlife that cannot endure warmer environments. Americans wellbeing is as well in jeopardy, as abnormal climate changes may bring about the spread of certain illnesses, a greater possibility of heat stroke, poor air quality, and the flooding of the country’s foremost cities. Conclusion

America must take a leadership function in solving the global warming crisis. Technologies exist today that make power plants produce electricity from nonpolluting sources, cars burn less gas and run cleaner, and electricity consumption lower and more efficient. Americans can take the initial move in seriously campaigning for energy conservation and manufacturing of more efficient appliances, as well as increase their reliance on renewable energy sources such as geothermal, sun and wind. Currently, the challenge for the country is to be certain that these solutions are implemented.

Unfortunately, while the technologies are present, the country’s political and corporate will to put them into extensive exploitation are waning. Without doubt, every Americans must demand for it if development and environmental sustainability are desired to be achieved. Works Cited “Global Warming. ” 2008. Standford SOLAR Center. 16 March 2009 <http://solar-center. stanford. edu/sun-on-earth/glob-warm. html>. “Global Warming Basics. ” 18 October 2005. Natural Resources Defense Council. 16 March 2009 <http://www. nrdc. org/globalWarming/f101. asp>.

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