Global Warming: Cause and Effect Essay

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Global Warming: Cause and Effect

It is a matter of fact that every person every day faces the problem of global warming affecting his health and endangering the future of our planet. Global warming is defined as increase in overall temperature on the Earth. Global warming occurs when the greenhouse effect hold light and heat from the sun in our atmosphere causing the overall increase in temperatures. Global warming negatively affects not only people, but also animals and plans. Those, who appear unable to adapt to changes, die.

Global warming is caused, firstly, by driving cars leading to air and water pollution. Electrical pollution is one cause because coal-fired plants throw many gases and harmful particles (e. g. carbon dioxide) into the air. Furthermore, fossil fuels are dead animals and plants and when they burn pollutants are sent into the Earth atmosphere. One more reason of global warming is deforestation because trees were the main source of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Global warming is the result of inadequate use of energetic source instead of sources that cause less pollution. For example, people mostly use petroleum for transportation and electricity instead of working out alternative sources. All these facts caused global warming which effect is really terrifying. Indisputable effect of global people is worsening people’s health as it is difficult for people, especially for older generation, to bear heat. Hot weather affects health increasing the number of heat attacks, and death rates among older generation.

Furthermore, we breathe polluted air which can cause troubles with lungs and respiratory tracts. Global warming leads to sea level rise and the water washes away many low lands leaving many people and animals without shelter and food. Global warming affects oceans as the water becomes warmer endangering the life of algae which is the food for fish. The next moment to mention is that global warming causes acid rains destroying everything it is touching. Summing up, global warming alters climatic conditions and leads to species extinction.

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