Global Warming And International Impact Essay

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Global Warming And International Impact

Impact on Africa: o Africa has been predicted as most vulnerable continent to climate change and variability due to multiple stresses and low adoptive capability. o Due to climate change, by 2020, about 250 million people are estimated to be affected by water stress. o Due to global warming, there is a likely a sharp decline in the manufacture of agricultural products in Africa. o There is possibility of submerging of low lying areas with large population due to global warming by the turn of the 21st century.

ASIA: • In the next two to three decades, there is likelihood of melting of glaziers in Himalayas which would affect the water resources drastically. • Due to global warming, it is estimated that there will be water scarcity in Asia. • It is anticipated that there will be death due to diarrheal disease due to droughts and floods. Australia and New Zealand: ? Water scarcity is anticipated by 2030. ? Loss of biodiversity is expected especially in Queensland Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef. . 17. ANTHROPOCENTRISM:

Anthropocentrism is a concept which is concerned with preservation of a sustainable, vigorous environment which is essential for enduring happiness of human beings. It also demands that one has to foster a fortified, enriched anthropocentric idea of human interest to replace the main sectional, short-term and self-regarding notions. Further, it has been identified that anthropocentrism is the root cause of human overpopulation, ecological crisis and disappearance of many non-human genus what we term these in single phrase as ‘global warming’.

As an anthropocentrist, I will struggle for protecting this universe from global warming as a precaution to save the mother earth from impending dangers of global warming. DEEP ECOLOGY: Likewise, deep ecology is an extension of ecological philosophy which values humanity as a fundamental element of environment. Deep ecology puts great emphasis on ecosystem, non-human species and processes in nature than conventional green and environmental movements. Deep ecology concept stresses that living environment all together like humanity has the same privilege to habitat and flourish.

Deep ecology dissuades utilitarian environmentalism. As an environmental ethic, I will blend both the aesthetic and individualistic notions to safe guard the environment as there is no universe without clean environment. ECOLOGY EXTENSION: Enacting legislation to protect the environment is not at all sufficient. It is necessary to promote environmental ethics mainly through learning process. Thus, enactment of environmental law and promotion and learning of environmental ethics should go side by side.

Environmental ethics will help one to uncalculated by learning process concerning reflection upon activist’s part in the environment. An Environmental extension will involve not only the development of a formal knowledge of one’s environment and their probable effects thereby establishing the basis. Ecological extension stresses significance on the awareness of the fundamental interdependence of all biological and non-biological forms and their fundamental diversity . Thus, ecological extension is nothing but a scientific manifestation of the natural world.

Ecological extension stresses for the inherent value innate in total ecological entities like global environment or ecosystem in totality . Under ecological extension, the Earth has been described as a holistic, unified entity with ethical value of which the humanity is of specific importance in the years to come. .In my personal ethic capacity, I will blend both aesthetic and individualist ethical approach to see that environment is safeguarded as that of humanity thereby extending at par treatment to environment with that of humanity .

Further , as an Environment citizen , I would strive hard to protect both humanity and non-human forms as I know well non-human forms is the part and parcel of our environment. LIBERTARIAN EXTENSION It is a political viewpoint accentuating the rights of individual. The principle of libertinism pressurizes the privilege to self-ownership and by extension, the privilege to private ownership of property and materials. Under libertarianism, supporters discourage any shape of taxation and support in favor of laissez-fair economic system.

Under, Libertarian extension, a civil liberty advance is pursued. It denotes a promise to extend same rights to all members of the society. 18. CONCLUSION: It is true that disastrous global warming is hypothetically possible, such an end depends critically upon a numerous assumptions contained in computer climate models. These suppositions, taken together, symbolize faith on the part of many climate modelers that the climate system is delicate, and very responsive to small disturbances, mainly our production of carbon dioxide, relatively a negligible atmospheric greenhouse gas.

I have commented that there is enough reason to have faith that the climate system is relatively numb to a doubling of carbon dioxide, which is anticipated to happen later in this century. But even if projections of strong global warming are accurate, it is not clear how to shun this contingency from a policy point of perspective. Inexpensive or alternate cheap energy is need of the hour for human well being and health. Penalizing the use of energy through taxation or caps will be ostracized and rather unproductive.

To me, technological answers to the predicament appear to be the only long-term choice. Since only rich countries of the world can pay for the R&D to bring this about, it could be harmful to find those solutions by punishing economies with taxes and carbon caps. According to me, the International community should undertake following Preventive measures: It is suggested that energy efficiency standards have to be increased. Further, the use of renewable energy sources like wind, solar shall have to be encouraged by extending fiscal incentives like tax holidays etc.

I strongly feel that development, protection and restoring of forests, which act as significant storehouses of carbon is to be pursued on war front stage. Thus, if the above steps are not introduced, we may loose many countries of the world to the swelling ocean waters.


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