Global Warming and Future Sustainability


How much is too much? Is using and burning fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources shortening the tie we have on this planet? Amounting evidence is suggesting that the global climate (periods of over 30 years) is being accelerated by human activity and is consuming fossil fuels and nonrenewable recourse at an unprecedented rate. The effects of climate change are huge and can alter the planet for hundreds of generations and some effects can be nonreversible. A vast majority of the studies in this field suggest that immediate counter measures be taken, and if no actions are taken within twenty years the planet could be so damaged beyond repair that sustaining even the current population could be very well out of reach.


In a study done in 2004 on global climate change by Anthony J. Mcmichael , Diarmid Campbell-lendrum , Sari Kovats et al. (2004) estimates that the global average land and sea surface temperature has increased by 0.6 ±0.2 ∞C since the mid-19th century. With most change occurring since 1976.

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Patterns of precipitation have also changed, arid and moderate semiarid region are progressing to drier and drier states, meanwhile other areas, especially mid to high latitudes around the world are becoming more saturated and wetter. Based on the range of alternative development scenarios and model parameterizations the IPCC stated that if no actions are taken, global temperatures would likely to rise between 1.4 and 5.8∞C from 1990 to 2100.

Similarly a study published in 2007 by William D. Nordhaus et al. stated that we need to undertake immediate action on the war against climate change.

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Although the article does not outline anything specific to take action on against the war on climate change and has been criticized and multiple sources state that it would not survive the substitution of assumptions that are more consistent with today’s marketplace real interests rates and savings rates.

An article published about the depletion of fossil fuels and anthropogenic climate change by Mikael Hook et al. did research on the challenge of depletion of fossil fuels as a very real challenge of the future. The limits of availability of future fossil fuels will set a ceiling of human kinds effect of damaging the climate. However, the limit is not known as there are various studies reach different conclusions and there’s no agreed upon conclusion regarding the futures atmospheric levels of CO2 concentration. The majority of conclusions used IPCC scenarios for emissions but those conclusions were determined to be improbable or even unrealistic.


In the four articles that I have mentioned they all relate and confirm that climate change is a fast and rapidly changing state that we find the world in today. Unless we act soon a vast majority of studies conclude that very soon, possibly between the next decade or soon after that the effects of human made climate change could be irreversible or that we might have already reached that threshold. One major motivation for the generations that are on the planet now is to change for the ones that will be here in the future, if we destroy these recourses then we change the world we leave behind. Animals, trees, oceans, and landscapes will never be the same. Animals that are now common place could be endangered or extinct within a very short amount of time, this year alone the amazon rainforest has been on fire from suspected cattle farmers and ranchers trying to create for farm land increasing the damage that humans cause on the global war against climate change.

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