Global Warming Affecting Weather Patterns

Heat waves are periods of time with extremely hot temperature. As the earth gets increasingly warmer, heat waves have been lasting longer than ever before. The frequency of these heat waves has also been increasing. These heat waves could last weeks. Heat waves have been increasing the average temperature of states in the American Midwest. Global warming is also affecting weather patterns by causing more droughts. Because of the higher temperature there is less water. A lot more dispersal of water because of higher rates of evaporation with less water in the ground plants are struggling to survive when they usually would thrive.

In 2011(one of the hottest years ever) Texas and Oklahoma were the hottest they had ever been since the 1800s. Global warming is affecting weather patterns is by increasing the amounts and severity of hurricanes. Two examples of these are hurricane Harvey and hurricane Maria. Global warming rises sea temperatures. High water temperatures are one of the key components of a hurricanes development.

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As earth’s temperature continues to rise humans should expect an increase in the power and frequency of these storms.

How is Global warming going to get worse over time? Global warming is going to get worse over time by flooding some coastal towns. Global warming melts polar ice caps. This rises sea levels .An example is Tangier island. It is slowly sinking into the sea because of rising sea levels. Houses sit on flooded roads. Another way climate change is going to get worse by making some animals living in Tundra’s species go extinct.

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Global warming is affecting many species living in the north and south poles. Animals living in the poles are having to adapt fast to increasing temperatures, something penguins are having problems doing. Populations of penguins have been plumminting since the 1980s.Polar bears are having trouble hunting because they hunt on ice that is melting due to rising temperatures. Another way global warming is going to get worse is that birds are going to die. Extreme heat is causing birds to migrate further north than ever before.

Food sources and quality breeding grounds are getting farther north and rarer. Migrating bird species aren’t used to migrating so far up north. Also they are having to migrate north earlier and earlier every year because spring is getting hot earlier every year. Also birds that breed and lay eggs on the coast are being threatened. Rising sea levels are destroying beaches that used to be there breeding grounds.What are some of the causes of global warming? One of the main causes of global warming is greenhouse gasses. Some of the main greenhouse gases are methane, water vapor and carbon dioxide. They increase the temperature of the world because when the go into the atmosphere they prevent as much heat from the sun escaping the atmosphere. This trapped heat warms up the surface of Earth. Another cause of global warming is the sun. Specifically how sun is slightly (emphisis on slightly)more active. There is some controversy on weather this effecting the temperatures today, but there is proof that solar activity has affected the temperature of earth in the past.

Another cause of global warming is increased human activity. This includes cars factories and burning fossil fuels. As humans population grows so do the numbers of factories providing for those people. More people means more transportation probably by a vehicle using gas. We also have to make space for all those people. In many third world countries burning forests and vegetation is still practice. All that smoke goes into the environment and after a couple of years that land turns into a desert.

What changes can humans make to solve global warming. A change humans can make to help solve global warming is using electric transportation. The government says that Americans spend just under an hour behind the wheel. Also think about how many times you’ve ridden the bus or a plane. Green transportation is becoming more affordable every year if you invest in an electric car you won’t be burning gas, if you have a gas car your burning gas nearly 360 hours a year. Another change you can make is changing to renewable energy. There are multiple options. You can install solar pannels. You will break even in 15 years you could also change to energy supplier who uses hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, or nuclear energy. One cheaper thing you can do is buy energy efficient aplliances. You use less energy. By using less energy, therefore you are indirectly burning less fossil fuels. Even if you have green energy some types cause a little pollution.

How is global warming related to rising sea levels? Global warming is related to rising sea levels because high temperatures are melting ice caps. When the temperature is high like now it melts ice. The melted ice turns into water and this extra water makes the sea levels rise. Global warming is also melting glaciers. These glaciers are turning into rivers. These rivers run into the ocean. Global warming also makes sea water expand. As water expands it takes up more space. This causes the sea level to rise.

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