Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming

Globalization – a process of integration among countries is taking place as a new trend of the world. The cooperation among individuals and groups bring back many chances as well as challenges in different fields. As students in the era of integration, it is possible for us to realize both sides of this trend.

First of all, it can not be denied that students can get many advantages from globalization. Thanks to the cooperation in education, different countries share new technology that support teaching and learning with each other. Students are the objectives who can get benefits from it. They are allowed to explore new sources of knowledge through Internet and other education material such as video conferencing, tape recordings, etc. Therefore, they find that studying is not very difficult as they think, even it is more interesting.

Besides, globalization promises them a much brighter future. Students have more chances to get access to new skills, for instance, presentation skill, skill to work with a team, and so on, which are very invaluable for their future career. In addition, the interaction among countries creates a huge market with a plenty of choices of jobs. Thus, the graduates have more options to choose which job is the best and the most suitable for them.

Go along with many advantages, students still have to face up with other difficulties. As being mentioned above, modern method of teaching and learning are big advantages for students but they may become obstacles when they are not very suitable and it must take a very long time to get familiar. For example, in many Asian countries, among which has Viet Nam, the feature of education is teacher – centered. When this changes into learner – centered which requires much of individuals’ responsibilities.

At first, students who used to depend much on their teachers get shocked and fell it difficult to study with this new method. It may be a problem. What’s more, financial problem is another one. Under the impact of globalization, there has been a trend for the budge for education to be reduced. Government has to spend money on different areas so they do not pay as much attention as before. As a result, the financial burden is placed on students’ shoulders and their families.

In conclusion, globalization as well as other phenomenon has both sides: good and bad. All the impact of this has effects on students. Students get many advantages but also disadvantages. They should be aware of this problem carefully so that they can turn challenges into chances which will support their studying as well as their future.

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