Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming

Global warming is a pertinent issue in the current world and it has also raised a lot of concerns due to varied negative implications which come with it. Many women activists, political leaders and other women from all races, social class and justice have taken a leading role in lobbing against global warming. This paper is written to critically analyze global warming through a feminist critique. Global warming is as a result of pollution of the environment through the production of carbon dioxide and other gases like carbon monoxide (Wibojorn, 2001).

There are various causatives of such impurities in the air but worse are the implications they have on the environment. Studies show that global warming is a result of the depletion of the ozone layer releasing poisonous gases and other substances to the atmosphere causing adverse effects on all living things (Rorsch, Courtney & Thoenes, 2005). Air pollutants have been known to weaken the ozone layer creating acid rain, smog and changes in the climate through an abnormal increase of earth’s temperature.

Despite various studies being carried out, there are still many negative effects of global warming that have not been discovered yet. However, existing research shows that global warming causes extreme weather changes which affects food production leading to food shortages (Gouretski & Koltermann, 2007). The world is currently faced with higher consumption levels food products because of depletion of natural resources. Consequently, this study also found out that global warming is also responsible for the cause of incurable diseases like cancer which affects both men and women at varying degrees (Landsea et al, 2006).

This study found out that, there are various human dimensions to issue of global warming. Human dimensions are key to acceleration of global warming, for instance excessive production of carbon dioxide due to human activities leads to depletion of the ozone layer. There are concerns that political leaders have failed to treat the issue of global warming with the seriousness it deserves. For example in 2008, Laureates Wangari Mathai and Jody Williams asserted that global warming affects women disproportionately yet political leaders do little about it (Skirble, 2008).

Further Laurite Wangari Mathai prompted the US government “to show that it embraces the international responsibility and leadership by providing legislation that would give the financial support, the technological support and the moral support to the rest of the world. As long as the United States of America doesn’t take its leadership position, the rest of the world hides behind her” (Skirble, 2008). Many industrial activities for instance energy production, running of industries and running of automobiles lead to production of carbon dioxide which is catalyses the depletion of ozone layer.

Governments and other non governmental organizations should take a leading role in ensuring that alternative methods to harmful technology are used. Some studies suggest that countries should use renewable forms of energy for example nuclear power, but fears of production of mass weapons supersede the will to pass that motion for all countries. Global warming affects women in varying degrees. For example, when the ozone layer is exposed the negative effects are experienced by women from all social economic classes.

Studies show that most of women reproductive cancers in women are caused by global warming (Landsea et al, 2006). The major challenge to scientist is that cancer does not have known forms of treatment and as a result many women have lost their lives to the disease. Consecutively, women unlike men are left with the burden of handling children and running of their families. Men on the other hand, can go looking for greener pastures in urban areas leaving the women to face hardships of global warming for instance depleted agricultural produce, water, energy to mention a few (Skirble, 2008).

It is in this light, that women have taken a central position in the fight against global warming since they are usually the worst affected. Laurite Jody Williams urges fellow women to work hard and put in strategic thinking into the concept of fighting global warming. Other studies show that, global warming can lead to birth defects, nerve damages and breathing problems (Khandekar, Murty & Chittibabu 2005). With this in mind, unborn children can be affected by adverse effects of global warming. Currently, there are many scientific solutions which can help combat the negative implications of global warming.

For example, women are advised to use specially formulated sun screens to help fight the negative effects of radiations created during global warming. The major challenge with such a proposition is that women from undeveloped countries or women faced with adverse forms of poverty cannot be able to afford such forms of ‘luxuries’. Studies show that initially cancer was a disease of rich people due to poor diets but with the impending danger of global warming, cancer and lung problems has become generalized to people of all social economic classes.

Consequently, there are suggestions that people should turn away from use of oil as a form of energy and instead use nuclear energy. Studies show that use of nuclear forms of energy is a core ingredient in reducing air impurities since nuclear power does not produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide (Gouretski & Koltermann, 2007). The only challenge is that, no conclusive research has been and there may be other dangerous side effects of nuclear energy that are subject to confirmation.

When diseases like cancer arise, hospitals employ the use of chemotherapy and radioactive materials to kill the cancerous cells (Khandekar, Murty & Chittibabu 2005). Consequently because depletion of the ozone layer releases materials to the atmosphere it is advisable for people not to spend too much time in the sun. This paper asserts that solutions to global warming could lead to various implications. For example the use of nuclear energy could spell a terrorism threat to the world. Nuclear plants can always be secure targets of terrorists and other hate crimes.

Since the inception of terrorism, the world is never a secure place and the worst affected casualties are always innocent women and children. On the other hand, studies show that there are no conclusive studies to show that nuclear power plants will not have any negative implications to human health after a long period of exposure (Khandekar, Murty & Chittibabu 2005). The use of oil saves very many countries which do not have the financial support for nuclear activities which are need colossal amounts of money to set up and maintain.

Other studies also show that treating cancerous growths with chemotherapy and radioactive radiations does not always guarantee that the cancer will stop or heal. Physicians also have to be very careful when administering chemotherapy and radiation since undue exposure could also risk their well being. Consequently, with the rate of industrial and economical growth, industries and firms cannot be forced to stop their produce since they are highly needed for survival. The issue of global warming is a pertinent issue that keeps on escalating.

Since the time when scientists, discovered it, the depletion of ozone layer has continued to increase making it an international concern. The developing world has been lobbying for the use of fossil oil which produces fewer impurities compared to the use of oil (Landsea et al, 2006). Both the developed and developing world already recognize the fact that global warming state is worsening and unless stern measures are taken, serious precautions will have to be faced.

Global warming has become a pertinent issue in both the developed and developing world since both are correlated. For example, when people are starving in less developed world, the developed countries have to take the initiative of feeding the starving and dying individuals. Hence in one way or another human intervention is inevitable because at one point or another people have to be responsible for their actions. This paper notes that, had countries started curbing the depletion of ozone layer early enough, the implications faced now would be in fewer numbers.

For example, statistics show that, diseases like cancer and bath defects as a result of global warming are on the increase. In my opinion, there are various measures which can be taken to ensure lasting solutions to the issue of global warming. For example, researchers have to carry out more studies to find out alternative means of energy production that do not endanger national and international security. The use of nuclear energy for sure is one such alternative to the use of oil which releases impurities in the air.

However, its use does not guarantee international and national security of any country since it can be used for military or terrorism activities There are other alternatives for example the extraction of oil from plants which can instead be used for energy purposes and that calls for more defined research. Consequently, researchers can come up with vaccines against deadly diseases like cancer so that instances of such diseases can be reduced significantly. Perhaps it is also the high time governments lobbied for afforest ration so that more oxygen can be produced by plants during the day and help in purifying the environment.

Deforestation and encroachment of forests has also had a lasting impact in natural footprints leading to various implications for instance, adverse climatic changes (Skirble, 2008). In my opinion, the nature has its way of refurbishing itself without human interference and if forests could be enhanced and encouraged then, the issue of adverse climatic conditions could be dealt with to some extend. Policies should also be passed so that industrial wastes to the atmosphere are controlled and those found guilty should be heavily fined to curb pollutants in the atmosphere.

In my opinion, all environmental issues are political issues because everything that pertains the environment is politicized to some extend. I don’t believe that there is any government in the world that treats the issue of global warming with the seriousness that it deserves. For example, governments gain from investors industries by getting taxes and levies and perhaps that why to some extend some industries are left to pollute the environment without much action from the government.

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