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Global Warming Essay

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It is sometimes unbelievable that science discoveries are being disproved despite scientific evidences. This action is a manifestation of political influence over a matter of “facts” about climate science according to some analysts. However, disbelieving will result in too much danger because truth is truth; it will exist and will manifest itself regardless of human efforts. In the case of Galileo who made a theory that the sun stands still while the earth and other planet revolve around the sun had caused his liberty and life.

This is because his theory was against Catholic belief. Politicizing then would mean full intervention and manipulation of people in authority to dispute or reject something as a means of protecting their interest or institutions. Galileo had many discoveries during his time but none of them were recognized. If Galileo’s early discoveries were acknowledged perhaps the science today was even more advanced compared today. However, the danger of refuting science and what it holds as truth is currently done on climate science known as global warming.

Many scientists gave warning about the possible consequences of greenhouse effects in the society but some view it as unrealistic that brings disaster causing irregularities and hazards in the economy. For instance, Coleman (2009) stated that people are already enduring the “CO2 silliness in many ways” in which he pointed to prohibition of new refineries to operate, and the conversion of sources of energy is very costly. Some even claim that climate change brings positive effect in the environment.

Oreskes noted that scientific community has “substantive disagreement … about the reality of anthropogenic climate change” and that the claim of IPCC regarding global warming was not totally recognized by politicians, economists, and journalists for confusion. A senator named Gore, a coauthor of Revelle in an article about the global warming, turned his back to recognize that everything about global warming was just “too uncertain to justify drastic action…” (Sheppard, 2006).

Politicizing the global warming issue is also evident in the libel suit filed against Lancaster for pressuring Singer to drop the name of Revelle as co-author in a global warming anthology. This case revealed a secret agreement between Lancaster and Gore who wanted to politicize what could be resolved by science (Sheppard, 2006). The CFAT report stated also that around 18,000 scientists claimed that “they see no scientific evidence that human is altering our climate. ” These scientists discredit the predictions of previously claimed effects of global warming by 2025 or 2050.

What role do “facts” play in the modern global warming drama? It is definite that what science refers to as facts are proven true based on scientific investigation and studies. Likewise, these facts have special role to play in the modern global warming drama in such a way that predictions made in the past are now prevalent causing changes in the climate. This environment condition has moved many government and international leaders to act to prevent the rapid effects of global warming. As a consequence, many suggested the replacement for fuel fossil and other sources of energy.

Instead, many scientists recommend corn and biochemical for fuel; solar and wind energy for electricity. The facts pertaining to what causes global warming, its effects in the environment, the human activity, etc. only prove that global warming is true and it poses danger not only in the environment but most importantly in the human body. However, opposition to this make counterattack against global warming; but, to their dismay still majority believe the facts about global warming and climate change because of reliable scientific explanations; that is if there will be no manipulation from political group.

At what point does science lose its independence and ability to rely on critical thinking, and is this dangerous? Science loses its independence when its discovery is refuted and manipulated by known and respected people in the society like government official. In the case of Galileo, his opponents to his view were religious leaders who used their authority to denounce him from Catholic faith. Galileo renounced his first statement and bound to obey the Catholic law.

Politicizing of sciences issues loses its credibility because political intervention and manipulation is being allowed to control its content and its publication. Because of this, science lost its savor and credibility; and most importantly it loses its function as knowledge provider necessary for people to enjoy his environment. The claim that climate change is a natural occurrence, while global warming does not post danger, which is not facts, only limits the function of science to society in some aspects alone. Because of this, many scientists will no longer rely on their critical analysis for fear of manipulation.

Primarily, politicizing is done to serve the interest of a few but will not generate benefits to all, which is very dangerous because no one could escape when there is extreme weather condition or natural disaster due to changes in climate brought by too much heat on the atmosphere. Reference Coleman, J. (2009). The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam. Kusi News San Diego. http://www. kusi. com/weather/colemanscorner/38574742. html CFACT (2004). Scientific Questions, Ethical Concerns Missing in Today’s Debate over Climate Change. http://www. cfact. org/site/view_article. asp? idCategory=4&idarticle=436

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