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Global Trends Nowadays

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As time passes by, the world encounters various changes (Lewis, 2003). What do you think would be the future course of humankind 5-7 years from now? Some changes are for the improvement and development of our living and of course, when the good are changing to the better, the bad aspects are changing to worse. The world faces a great responsibility in managing the different global trends nowadays. We will then discuss two of these trends that give us great impact and how we would be able to manage these.

Trend of World Crime It is familiar information that scientific research into criminality is hindered and perhaps even in danger by its complexity (Siegel, Bunt, & Zaitch, 2003). Scientists are trying to analyze the scale of crime and are faced with problems of how to truly give the real number of crime cases, the unreliability of police data and victim memory gaps. Crime cases never decreased in number and ways of committing the crime also change through time.

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More and more ways are being thought of by criminals just to commit the perfect crime. Studies of the true motives of perpetrators are held back by the common difficulties in obtaining dependable data from the perpetrators themselves, as well as by the reality that the records of formal control agencies are often only reconstructions of the motives. What do we need to do to manage these problems? With the ballooning number of crime cases, it is quite obvious that as if these trend is not at all alarming to us.

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The authorities are doing their best to make a way to fight the increasing number of crimes, but criminals are also doing their best to fight back. Then how can we deal with this? Giving a graver punishment would at least decrease the number of crimes. United Arab Emirates for instance have the lowest crime rate in the world, as almost 0 percent crime rate (Schwab, Blanke, & Chiesa, 2008). Why? Because the authorities give the gravest punishment ever, beheading. Who ever wants to be beheaded?

Then that would probably help us get through with world crimes. With graver punishment, criminals would think twice in committing any of these crimes. Population Trends Population will obviously never decrease 5-7 years from now (Dyson, 1996). It will continue to grow until all suffers from malnutrition, poverty, famine and different kinds of diseases. The increasing population apparently is the root of all these and other effects as well. The effects of overpopulation will soon give us more suffering in the coming years.

The speed and the rate of this population growth, especially concentrated in the less developed regions, pose dreadful challenges for individual countries as well as to the world community. Overpopulation however is not only a problem for lesser developed countries. Rapid population growth in already overcrowded and underdeveloped areas of the world has given rise to an exceptional pressure to migrate, as workers seek decent and more hopeful lives for themselves and their families. However, this doesn’t actually solve the problem, because people who migrate to other places would populate that place as well.

So the best solution to overpopulation is to control pregnancy and this would help the less unfortunate families improve their way of living. Fewer kids would mean fewer expenses, and thus eventually would lead to fewer incidence of poverty. But unfortunately, this scenario is so close to surreal. If all people would just see the entire impact of these trends to humankind, and if each of us would give their share in making this world improve, the bad that turns to worse would lessen and will turn our world a better place to live in.


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Global Trends Nowadays

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