Global Transport Providers Essay

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Global Transport Providers

The ocean carriers transport providers have introduced the Advanced Transport Communications System (ATCS). The trucker uses a GPS enabled cell-phone to enter information about the truck which is then received in the carriers and shippers systems of tracking. They report when they pick up and deliver the cargo using the first and last mile to track the cargo. This form of tracking has been introduced by the Port of Oakland, the Bay Area World Trade Centre and a group of technology partners and it reduces traffic congestion, air pollution and saves on time.

However, one realizes that the rest of the journey is not tracked as only the first and last mile of the journey are reported. The cargo therefore can get lost on its way to the destination point. The freight forwarders provide a tracking system that allows the importer to place orders through the web. There is use of Pangaea which is a system that automates the process. It connects the freight forwarders, importers, exporters and the custom brokers through the web. It informs them on the progress made by the cargo through the forwarders offices placed all over the world.

There is also the added advantage of line/part tracking feature offered by Pangaea which allows one to re-order, approximate position and also the arrival date of cargo, contents of the containers and retrieval of line item detail (http://www. pangaeaworld. com/product-linepartaspx). It also has the ability to operate at a multi-national level using multi-lingual employees in their offices. This then opens up the market where they would operate their businesses and those of the customers.

The Marine Association of the Port of New York/New Jersey started the testing of the Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System(ASVT)in 2002. this system was developed by the Secure Assets Reporting Services (SARS) of Bellevue Washington. By using this tracking system, the parties involved will be able to locate their vessels worldwide on both ocean transit and on inland waterways.. The information on location and movement of the cargo carrying ship is available by the use of an encrypted password on the internet.

The Secured Assets Reporting Services uses multiple satellite sources thus increase the ability of tracing the cargo at sea. The information can also be shared with the state and federal Homeland Security agencies thus increasing the ability to trace cargo when on transit and reduce chances of its getting lost. Advantages and disadvantages When using ocean carriers, there are various advantages and disadvantages. When used efficiently, there is reduction of cot as it carries more cargo thus more is under surveillance at a go.

By using cell-phones to track cargo it makes it easier as anyone can do so from any part of the world. The major disadvantage of this system is the fact that it only checks when the cargo is picked up or delivered. It does not extend to when the cargo is on transit. Also it is specific phone brands that can be used for this tracking system. The major advantage of the freight is that it is available over the internet. It also keeps the parties involved informed of position of the cargo as this is done via internet. It is also operated at multinational level with offices in all market locations.

The major disadvantage of freight forwarders is that it is very costly due to long distance shipping thus limiting ability of a small scale establishment to operate internationally. It also makes the tracking of the cargo expensive as it is done over a longer distance. The other major disadvantage is tat it does not cover the journey if one is not connected to the web. The port tracking system is designed to track the cargo on transit while revealing this information to a specific person only thus increasing security of who gets the information.

The cargo is also tracked at sea by use of satellite whereby by using multiple satellite sources, the information is constantly available. The disadvantages are the requirements to have a computer system and ability to use it also a lot of manpower is needed to run the system. Recommendations Based on the research done and the information gotten, the best company for DD is the port tracking system. The rationale behind this conclusion is because the port tracking system has a way of tracking the cargo even at sea.

This enables one to know at which point a specific cargo is. Also the fact that there are multiple satellite sources ensures that breakdown of one does not lead to loss of cargo. Each satellite source confirms the others information and nay anomaly is quickly noticed. By giving a password that is used to get the information from the internet means that information is not tampered with. It also ensures that only the relevant authority gets the information. By getting the information on exact position it means one can be able to conduct their sales with more precision.

This is because delivery date is predictable on approximation. Finally, the disadvantages faced are also to be found in the other systems. The man power required is same as in the other systems and use of computers is also to be found in the freight forwarders while being substituted by cell phones in ocean carriers systems.

Reference: Buxbaum P. A, 2007. Port Equipment and Technology – Tracking Last Mile Data. http://www. bawtc. com/tradenews-details-asp? partnerID=&ArticleID=13317

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