Global Tendencies Essay

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Global Tendencies

The article by Brenson spoke of the different language curators use when trying to communicate to the audience the message of an art piece. A standard language only hinders in conveying the exact messages of pieces. Thus, the issue that was at hand was the language in which curators may speak and relay to the audience not only the information of the painting as well as the different probable interpretations it may convey. The article points that not only the artists struggle to make their works express what they truly want to say.

The curators who are responsible in showing the works to the world are also burdened to work hard and perfect the language in order to convey meaning not only to one classification of audience and works but to various categories as well. The article by Tim Griffin, also tackles the same theme, the need to make the art world global and and not confined within the standards of typical European art works. The trend that is being pushed these days is having artworks understood not only within one language or culture.

This is how it is in the past and now all people involved in the art world are making efforts to fix the standard that was imposed. The text further stipulates that the people with the greatest influence on this desired change are the curators. Thus, it is in the curators’ hands to find a way to bridge that gap that has already been established by the old process. The curators are expected to exert effort in finding ways and means to make each artwork speak as the maker wants it, not merely by the rules and standards set by the old world.

They are to convey the meanings across cultures and peoples of the world.

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