Global Swindle Essay

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Global Swindle

General western public has been presented with two rather conflict viewpoints concerning global warming. One of documentary is Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth the other is Great Global Swindle. The question is which of these documentaries present more credible point of best arguments. I will examine these arguments on both sides and I am going to conclude that the most credible arguments are presented in the “the great global swindle. Both are documentary films that present different arguments and point of views regarding whether disturbances and climate change are truly created by humans.

The two documentary films have opposing arguments regarding this matter. I will start my argument through making a point of comparison between the two documentary films and on the latter part of the paper, I will give my own opinion as to why Durkin’s documentary film is more credible for to believe. An Inconvenient Truth is an American documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim (1996) and presented by United States former Vice President, Al Gore. An Inconvenient Truth (2006) offered a passionate documentary about the man made global warming, its progress and its disastrous effects to the entire planet.

The documentary perceives that we have just approximately ten years to prevent a major catastrophe that could send the earth with its epic destruction (Gore 2006). Extreme whether conditions, floods, droughts, epidemics etc are just one of the few (Gore 2007) mentioned consequences that will bring the earth into destruction caused by man made global warming. Al Gore presented the documentary as a social awakening that global warming is not already a political issue but rather an issue of survival that must be taken seriously by the government and the world. Al Gore believes that there is still hope and time to make a difference.

Audiences across the globe who witnessed this “inconvenient truth” are very much alarmed and distracted. They can not just ignore the given fact that the world is faced in probably the most challenging “truth”. Man made global warming being presented by Al Gore threatens our very existence. Al Gore presented his arguments from his previous studies, discoveries and experiences in the past. Much of the presented arguments are already familiar. News and researches from science and news already explored an array of information and data’s about global warming. However I somehow doubt the credibility of the material.

Even a political naive audience will perceive that the documentary film is not purely environmental. Al Gore himself named “climate change” as a one of the most challenging “moral issue” we are faced today (Gore 2007). One of the most intriguing aspects of the documentary film is how Al Gore strategically mixed politics and economics which he believes as one of the cause yet catalyst medium to make change. Gore said how industrialization growth motivates global warming. Gore uses scientific facts and data as his perhaps subtle way of criticising the disastrous environmental problems faced by Bush administration (Gore 2007).

Sceptics’ viewers including me may think that this documentary film is also a reflection of his bitterness after losing the presidential election. Political activists may even think that Gore might be using the film perhaps as platform for 2008 election (though he didn’t). I wonder why they made the presentation so simple yet the argument so strong and challenging. Gore stands in an insulated auditorium in front of a small audience where he, once in a while points at the charts and pictures on the power presentation.

This simplicity perhaps reaffirms the concept that audience should focus on the catastrophic ecological issues alone than the extravagant presentation. But what are the arguments of the inconvenient truth that shocked the world? Basically, An Inconvenient Truth (2007) claims that global warming is largely caused by Carbon Dioxide which is generally believed to be man made. Global warming then is caused by human activity. The primary man made caused of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels from coal, gas and oil (Gore, 2006).

Gore clearly says that industrialization activities manipulated by fossil fuels are one of the great contributors of generating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming caused by industrialization will definitely and surely give disastrous effects if the world’s governments and humans will not act. His evidences and awareness started in the 1970’s when industrialization activities were increasing. He presented hurricanes, extreme weather conditions, tornadoes and with a series of comparative photographs from disappearing snows and glaciers around the world as only one of the dangerous effects of ice melts caused by global warming.

And Gore persists that the effects of global warming will continually haunt us terribly if we’ll not make an action. The documentary film can be also a scream of compassion since Gore dramatizes his personal dedication on the issue of global warming with the inspiration of his family. Some segments offer his brief biographical history that inspired him more to explore environmental problems and to help make a change. But setting aside Gore’s personality or perhaps hidden Presidential aspirations, the screen evidence and the genius overall approach of the film is hard to resist and dismiss.

I was in hysteria after watching the documentary film and was almost convince that humans are cruel to be the reason of his own destruction. But my consolation is that the US government alone is spending a lot of money to prevent this from happening. My hysteria though confused me after watching the “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. The Great Global Warming Swindle released on March 2007 in United Kingdom is another documentary film directed and written by Martin Durkin. It basically opposed the belief that global warming is primarily caused by carbon dioxide.

It is exactly opposite to the concept of the “Inconvenient Truth”. Martin Durkin started the documentary by directly pointing out that carbon dioxide or man made global warming is not true and that the whole theory doesn’t make sense (Durkin 2007). It clearly suggests that the theory provided by “An Inconvenient Truth” created false hysteria. The group of scientists in Martin’s documentary film collectively believe that the “theory of climate change due to carbon dioxide turn to be ideology that distorts the whole area of science”. Let’s take a look on the claims and arguments of the scientists.

Industrial progress and mass production truly creates carbon dioxide but that doesn’t change climate. There is only a small part of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which I agree since the atmosphere greatly comprised of multitude of gases including green house gas which is greatly occupied by the water vapour. The indicator of the whether is not the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The “An Inconvenient Truth” claims that the global warming which perhaps started in 1970’s as the industrialization develops was greatly opposed by the “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

Given that carbon dioxide hugely affects the atmosphere, the way Gore’s approach it, but Carbon Dioxide is not merely caused by human activity or industrialization. Humans are not the only source of carbon dioxide according to Durkin. As a matter of fact, humans are only small contributors. Ocean, which is the major reservoir of carbon dioxide, animals, bacteria and dying vegetations are only some of the mentioned contributors (Durkin 2007). It is not right then to assume and approach that carbon dioxide is man made as if we are the only contributors.

Peer group reviews and facts presented by Al Gore didn’t mention the other natural factors that caused carbon dioxide. They just merely focus on the industrialization and other human activities brought by fossil fuels as the sole contributors of carbon dioxide. There is no enough proof that the alleged global warming is caused by the rise of the green house gases from human activity (Singer, 2007) One of the most curious aspects of the global warming alarm by Gore is the hidden reluctance of his given facts about the role of the sun in climate change.

Durkin though in his documentary film strongly stresses that the solar activity or the sun is the indicator of the whether. The variations of the solar activity links in the earth’s temperature (Durkin 2007). The Climate according to the group of scientist is controlled by the clouds, and the clouds are being controlled by the cosmic rays and the cosmic rays are being controlled by the sun—all came down from the sun (Durkin 2007). There are different views given by the credible scientists as to how the relationship between the sun and the earth is being related and mediated.

Surely, there’s a point that the sun have a major influence on the climate change, why is summer warmer than winter anyway? The cause of warming is mostly natural so we can not do about it since we can not control the changing sun which is like the origin of most climate change (Singer, 2007). The documentary film also explores and stresses the nature of consensus in media about global warming. Who are these top scientists by the way who consensually agree about man made global warming? Are they credible enough for the public to believe?

Durkin’s presentation makes you think whether those groups of scientists, journalists and others just build careers about man made global warming. Most scientists in this documentary film believe that the continuous feeding of the alleged theory of man made global warming is purely political propaganda for the interests of the few (Durkin 2007). It is a product of capitalism. The United States government for example unreasonably spends trillion of dollars for global warming research and prevention.

One of the biggest edge of the argument by Durkin that made me believed that his material is more credible is the consensus agreement of the group of scientists. They provided a great deal of evidences and rational discussion. Some of their arguments are very basic that even an ordinary individual will agree, and the relationship of the earth’s climate to the sun is an example. I was appalled with the fact that the man made global warming debates is not yet over and there is still room for doubts.

We can not just believe immediately since wrong conformity to man made global warming may create wrong implications on public policy and eventually would create disastrous effects. The Great Global Warming Swindle obviously gave a broader and bigger impact. Every argument they presented has subordinating proofs from different fields of study. The “An Inconvenient Truth’ on the other hand focuses more on Al Gore’s personal research, experiences from his passionate journey on environmental issues and peer reviews.

Al Gore eloquently fabricated the science of global warming with his personal history and commitment towards environment, which as for me is not enough. Gore’s use of animation, wits and sentimental state of energy production are not enough. Ultimately, Gore is not a scientist himself. The concept of documentary alone says that the presentation must be well supported by facts, research and evidence. “The Great Global Warming by Swindle” though not perfect, provided a greater impact that focuses not only on the green house gasses but also to wide spectrum of environmental issues.

People sometimes used science to terrorize the entire world for their own selfish intention. Media are sometimes willing participants to drive the public in the state of hysteria. The abomination of industrialization because of the alleged man made global warming especially to the underdeveloped and developing countries may stifle their growth. It so wonderful how some politicians and governments spend trillion of dollars with an issue that is not yet been fully agreed by science and research. How do these elites squander our limited resources to fashionable and alleged issues rather than concentrating on real problems?

Unless they have personal interests. The world faces enormous and real problems like poverty, starvation, disease and denial of human rights- they are more real and concrete that needs immediate attention. Reference: Dir. Davis Guggenheim. Gore, Al. “An Inconvenient Truth. Paramount Home Entertainment. 21 November 2006 Dir. Durkin, Martin. ‘THe Great Global Warning”. WAGtv. 8 March 2007 Singer, Fred S. “A Review of “The Great Global Warming Swindle. 2007, March 19 Retrieved on 2008 November 13 http://ourcivilisation. com/aginatur/swindle. htm

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