Global Stratification Essay

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Global Stratification

Please choose one example of a third world country that was colonized (like Jamaica) and apply one of the theories learned in this week (i. e. world system theory, neo-colonialism, culture of poverty, etc. ) to analyze its economic conditions. Answers: North Korea is the only country of socialistic type which didn’t take any steps to change its regime in favor of democratic or market economy during the second part of the 20th century.

The country exists for more than half a century but the last 10 years it exists in the conditions of economic crisis because of economic isolation. North Korea is characterized by extremely low GDP – less than 1000 dollars per capita. Therefore, the country is one of the Third World nations. The main reason North Korea is a Third World nation is that it is one of the fewer countries which still practice communism in the globe. North Korea rejects capitalism and is closed from the rest of the world.

People are suffering, despite the fact that North Korea is considered the forth group of nation in the World System Theory. When Communism was proved to be inefficient, the economy of North Korea collapsed. Moreover, North Korea keeps isolating itself from globalization of capitalism; its economic situation will less likely to improve. Apart from the natural drawbacks of the communism, Culture of Poverty also plays its role in the worsening situation of North Korea.

As far as people in North Korea are so poor that they didn’t even have enough food to consume, they would not take any risks to take any steps to improve their lives. Also, the consequences of violating the governmental could be fatal. Thus North Korea perpetuates poverty from one generation to the next generation. Meanwhile despite the hunger and natural disasters the Korean system hasn’t “exploded” yet.

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