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Global Order and the Muslim World


Islam, as one of the quickest growing religions, has an impact on political behavior, cultural norms, and social depiction worldwide. Islam is the representative of a lot of wealthy variety of Muslims across the globe. The specialization in Global Islam aims at providing an insight of the diversity of the perceptions regarding the intensification of Islam and Muslims keeping in view the contemporary factors of cultures and societies. It focuses on much broader aspect of social, political, cultural and financial processes and pays an extraordinary attention to the historic dynamics in Islam.

It essentially focuses upon the perception patterns of continuity and exchange and provides students with the special equipment. It is very important for the states to enhance their ability to shape their strategies more efficiently so that they may perform more orderly. This study explains a framework to shape the foremost ideological orientations inside Islam and examines the critical cleavages among different Muslim groups. Plus, it tries to study the long-term, reliable and quick justification of the spread of Radical Islam.

It also figures out the available strategies to assist the refined conditions that fabricate extremism.


Islam is not a new-born, it’s been existing for quite long and Allah has provided a complete set of “rules to be followed”. It is the religion of peace and prosperity. It ensures mercy, forgiveness, truthfulness and kindness.

As it is one of the incredibly fastest growing religions, Islam has been positively affecting the social, political, cultural and economic behaviors of the society.

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Islam has provided an exceptional diversity and variety through the representation of rich cultures and trends in different fields.

One billion humans from all the races and nationalities have been united from the southern Philippines to Nigeria on the basis of mutual Islamic faith and shared religious identity. About 18% from the Arab World, larger parts of Asia, and most of the part of Africa are majority, and minorities are accompanied from Soviet Union, China, North and South America, and Europe.

What does Islam Mean?

The Arabic world ‘Islam’ genuinely means the ability of ‘submission’ and it is derived from a phrase that means ‘peace’. In a non secular context, it is the ability to ensure complete submission to the will of God. ‘Allah’ is the Arabic word used for God who is the supreme being, Almighty and immortal.

The approximate Muslim population of the world is almost one billion. 30% of them are in Indian subcontinent, 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 17% in Southeast Asia, 18% in the Arab World and 10% is in the Soviet Union, China, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

Settlement of Muslim Communities Outside the Islamic World

The increase in the number of Muslim immigrants outside the Islamic world have raised from individual to group immigration and from short-term visit to permanent stay. This state of affairs has had a notable affect on the social and cultural levels.

Islam has ended up being one of the well-established religions among Islamic countries and the settlement of Islam and Muslims outside the Islamic world is becoming significance day by day.

The existence of Islam has become a constant, tangible, deep-rooted religion in many elements in Europe which contributed through its illuminated teachings and prosperous civilization to human civilization at large. Islam now represents a humane and civilizational dimension in planning and strategy by professionals at the degree of the Islamic world as competitive as the management of European communities.

Due to its effectiveness, Muslims constitute part and parcel of their higher European community and they are competent enough to tackle their issues on their own and plan for their today and for their later in the most excellent manner.

We neither can leave the immigrant generations in isolation nor we can leave them disintegrated into sects and suffer from religious and cultural discrimination.

The requirements of the Islamic motion dictate that we need to look forward for an approach to exchange the cultural truth of the immigrant communities, and make a working strategy for an ‘Islamic Cultural Action’ outside the Islamic World so that mental hazards would be combated properly by minimizing the threats regarding their Islamic beliefs using the authentic Islamic cultural preferentially.

Lack of Coordination Among Islamic Cultural Centers

Lack of the proper coordination among Muslim cultural centers and the Muslim communities is also one of the major problems in the resolution of issues of the Muslim world. These Islamic communities play a vital role in preserving the religious and cultural identities of the Muslims, if properly regulated. The territorial distances between these cultural centers is one of the hurdle in the frequent coordination and planning regarding the adoption of the strategies to secure Islamic identity. If this problem is resolved, they may take some preventive measures with mutual cooperation. Through this, there will be a positive change in overall discourse in synthesizing the sense of belonging atleast among their own selves.

The Western Media Challenge

Muslims are considered to be violent and this is how they are portrayed to be only, this is not a fact. The exaggeration about negativity of Muslims have become a serious concern for the Muslims because it is related to their religion. Muslims are facing a lot of other challenges as well as west is trying to impose its western model on new generations. West is diplomatically spreading its influence over the world. Islamic cultural centers should also look into this problem so that further planning of dealing with such issues may be assured.

Increase of Racism

Muslim communities have been victims of racism since long and are still facing ethnocentrism in some parts of the world. Racism is gradually been prevailed over but the fact is that it is still very rapid growing phenomena in certain parts of the world. Especially in the west and Europe, there’s no wonder that no particular measures have been taken to deal with this sort of issues to suspend the spread to religious discrimination. Racism is an ongoing harassment Muslims are facing particularly when it comes to the question of secular rights and religious faith. Besides, some laws have been made to ensure the regulation of immigration and integration. Due to the misunderstanding about Islamic faith, there are a lot of misconceptions and biased point of views that develops further hatred and inequality among generations of civilized nations. We need to establish a comprehensive Islamic strategy for the advantage of the Muslims of the world and for the protection of their real identities.

The Secular Style of Western Societies

The fundamental principles of western communities used to be inspired through certain standards emerging from the individual development of these societies, such as their secular and materialistic propensity. Although the positivist philosophy and the heretic fashion have now weakened in the West, there is however a robust tendency whose goal is to dispose of holiness from everything, reducing faith to an easy “personal issue”. The Muslims growing in these secular societies are in all likelihood to be subject to the impact of secular and positivist tendencies, both through schooling, information technology, or via their interplay with their environment. Therefore, the Strategy for Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic world have to meet the wishes of the younger Muslim as to safeguarding his identification towards disintegration, and keeping his cultural specificity, implementing thereby the right to be different, which has become an important constituent in human rights, and consolidating cultural variety which has now come to be a fundamental precept of global law, based totally on the United Nations Charter, the conventions and agreements which alter cultural cooperation family members among the global community. As an end result it is critical to grant the applicable intellectual, non secular and moral supply for our Muslim community, complying with Islamic moderation, and keeping off the pitfalls of taking extremes.

The Advent of Globalization

After the Cold War, another world request created and was once later frequently alluded to as ‘globalization’. This request requires submitting worldwide relations in the fields of exchange, economy, science and science to the predominance of multinational offices and cross-ethnic associations. This used to be joined by method for huge adjustments at the phase of the universal political guide, as a few forces broke down and accounted for the development of a solitary post of power driving the aggregate world, which figured out how to control the arrangement of globalization to achieve its money related and political premiums. Since globalization ruled monetary framework and exchange, it used to be enticed to command ‘the world social request’. Subsequently, there respected a few endeavors to force a world social request, disregarding the social specificities of people groups, minorities and worker networks. In such manner, numerous inquiries are all together. Globalization itself is unquestionably a contraption as yet being produced, and it has never again taken its end changeless shape.

Communication revolution, which has went with globalization, has abbreviated the separation and dispensed with the limits between nations. Islamic countries and offices may likewise put ahead another data way to deal with guarantee normal correspondence with the Muslim people group, helping the specialized strategy set up by utilizing the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers, through satellite stations, and an exact abuse of the new data mechanical means. In a time of globalization smart verbal trade can exclusively work through the new aptitude of realities innovation. In this way, an appropriate configuration must be set up to send all contemporary mechanical devices, in order to build up an Islamic social activity. In such manner, Islamic social records need to stream into on the ‘Web’, and broad communications should be utilized to distribute on a broad scale the examination and symposia on the mix-ups made against Islam.

Towards Uniform Western Policies to Address Islamic Immigration

The West has extensive been cognizant that the issues of migration can’t be handled separately. Western nations, thusly, started organizing and bringing together their arrangements and methods toward movement. Muslims lawn the Islamic world, at that point, should set up a uniform diagram for the possibilities of the Islamic nearness there. This methodology should be engaged at offering the basic essentials for individuals from the Muslim people group to involve the key positions inside host social orders, in the monetary, social, and political or data fields.

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