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For my essay I chose Nicolas Sarkozy, who is the President of the French Republic. I would describe Nicolas Sarkozy’s leadership style as visionary, affiliative, commanding and pacesetting. Nicolas Sarkozy has a reputation as being “confident and fast-paced” and “aggressive”. I would consider Mr. Sarkozy as a visionary on the fact that he was once a lawyer and is close to his people. Mr. Sarkozy inspires people with his vision and reforms. Mr. Sarkozy is affiliative by boosting morale during the economies downturn by saving the French company Alstom.

Mr. Sarkozy would be considered commanding and pacesetting on the bases that he is very focus driven and has high standards that he expects to be done when he wants them done. I chose to compare U. S. President Barack Obama to French Republic President Nicolas Sarkozy. I would consider President Obama as the “new school” style of leadership as opposed to President Sarkozy’s “old school” style of leadership. I would describe Mr.

Obama’s leadership as visionary, coaching, democratic. Mr. Obama and Mr.

Sarkozy leadership styles defer in that President Obama is not an aggressive leader but instead puts more effort into the visionary, coaching, and democratic approach to get the people’s value and support. While President Sarkozy has a more my way or the highway approach and more effort is put towards the affiliative, pacesetting and commanding leadership style. Both Presidents have a common style of being visionaries; they spend time in inspiring their people on the course that should be taken.

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