Global Issue of Climate Change

There are two purposes: first, it is the apparent goal that people can accept, the second one is, it is a forward-looking secret when setting up the new system. ( Dr. Richard Day, 1969) The centralization of power, global laws, industrialization, taxation, new surveillance and the police state if there is no problem, the problem should be created. An example of a problem (no problem), human product carbon dioxide causes climate change, isn’t it? Of course, a lot of people know it, but it is wrong.

Have you ever noticed that the term ‘Global Warming’ is ‘Climate Change’ when the heat begins to fall? Who is behind this ideology? I call them climate fascists. But the question is, is their goal to drag the world into chaos? Of course, it is. It should be understood that climate change is not caused by the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide produced by humans. Since having a great fortune through the emission trade scenario, population reduction purposes and will provide control over the universe.

At the beginning of the film, a carbon footprint in the size of a Godzilla foot was left, then people look at another tiny footprint and think about what happened to the earth. Emission trading, Al Gore was very profitable from this. While they put wealth in their fortune, do they care that it costs thousands of dollars a year to millions of families? Al Gore was commissioned to sell the story of climate change. With this system, governments will determine the limit of carbon emissions, provide maximum credit for companies , and if they want to generate more electricity , they will receive loans from companies that produce less electricity than themselves (Al Gore , 2009) This can only mean: A small number of people will earn a lot of money, more pressure on the state to keep control of economic activities, the people will be very difficult to pay the bill.

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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy had presented a carbon tax that would boost energy spending. This is a matter of life and death for the human race. (N. Sarkozy) According to recent developments in the international climate change policy, the global carbon trading market will rise, through its carbon ring, Australia is planning to become the market leader by providing private investment instruments to companies that are looking for ways to balance greenhouse gas emissions. ( Richard Martin ) All people in the world must have a carbon budget, and if this is exceeded, they must be taxed. (Joachim Schellnhuber, 2009) So how will this be done without a human’s life being monitored? Target, towards the totalitarian walk at the tip of the finger. None of them to protect the world, but being done to centralize power. Global carbon trading plans cannot be organized unless governments sacrifice their independence for a new world. Of course, it is too late. All this happened.

The ‘climate change’ propaganda was a significant increase in heat and the spread of carbon dioxide caused by humans to a dangerous size. In fact, heat changes are related to the increase and decrease of sun motions, known as sunspots. If the explosions in the sun increase in the next circuit, the heat will also rise. This has always been the case, but there are some differences about the sun because, at this time, the explosions in the sun have been reduced for a long time. There is no change in the climate. This can not be said, it is always happening. The climate can never be fixed at all times. The degree of change depends on the circuit we live in, which can spread to thousands of years. When we look at the data, not the propaganda, it is clear that climate change is not caused by the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide caused by humans. Carbon dioxide is a gas that has a very little greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the biggest cause of water vapor and clouds. ( Lord Christopher Moncton, 2017) What do we do now, should we prohibit clouds and water vapor? or tax the water vapor, make a cloud – trade agreement. Only %0.0037 of carbon dioxide is greenhouse gas and the carbon dioxide produced by humans is a very small proportion. (Moncton, 2017)

This hockey stick chart incorrectly shows the increase in heat as suddenly and is used by the United Nations to scare the public. ( Lord Christopher Moncton, 2017) The scientific documents show that the warming period in the Middle Ages was real. In the Middle Ages, there were no ice mountains from the tropical Andes, but there are now. There were Viking fields in Greenland, now under the ice. There was very little ice in the North Pole because a Chinese navy fleet walked around Antarctica in 1421 and he had not found it. Antarctica holds %90 of the ice in the world and has frozen more for the last 30 years. According to data from 6000 drilling wells worldwide, global degrees are higher in the Middle Ages. (Moncton, 2017)

We read the world wrong, and then tell us that it fooled us. ( Rabindranath Tagore) The only thing to do to sell the climate cult or climate change is to say something to people can believe in. How do they do it? With the story of climate change, they are preparing unfortunate disaster tables that people will feel guilty and afraid of the cinema, film, advertising, music industries. For instance, Al Gore’s ‘Living Earth’ concerts with famous figures such as Madonna and Bono were used as a cover for the climate change ideology. The tactics of keeping people in constant combat against something . (George Orwell, 1984) War against climate change but let’s not forget that the growth of plants before the condemnation of carbon dioxide and that it will not a suitable place for people on earth without carbon dioxide.

If we are looking for a new enemy to unite us, those that are appropriate are pollution, the threat of global warming, thirst, and drought. It is all because of people. Then the real enemy is humanity itself. (Aurelio Peccei, 1991) Even climate change is used for population reduction purposes. It is even inconvenient to have children for your carbon plan. The carbon results for an extra child are 20 times more important than a fast-moving car, bike, energy-booster, and bulb. (Oregon State University report 2009. According to the UN report 2009, if population growth is not controlled, poverty will increase, civilizations collapse. At the same time, at the 2009 Climate Summit Conference, the rain forests of the world were allowed to be unpreserved and cut and planted Palm instead. When environmentalists demanded a review of this decision, the European Union blocked it. The elite that holds the power does not even care about the environment. If society can understand what is happening, the issue is clear.

Warming concerns, the worst scientific scandal in science history, people will understand that when they learn the truth, they are deceived by scientists and science. The models and estimates of the IPCC are not accurate, because they are based on mathematical models only, and results that do not consider the activities of the sun. (Dr. Kiminori Itoh) Carbon dioxide produced by humans is significant in terms of the natural environment between air, water, and soil. (Andrei Kapitsa) How many years should the world cool down to begin to understand that it doesn’t get warm? How many years should it take to cool down? I think the answer will be, ‘as long as people believe that lies and deceit.’ (Dr. David Gee)

Dictatorship is not established to protect the revolution, the revolution is made to establish a dictatorship. (George Orwell, 1984) The climate change plan gives the impression of a logical idea, but a term that hides the main purpose. The aim is to transform the world into a global society under the pretext of environmental protection. Climate change, it is used to add new layers of Orwell bureaucracy to the world as previously planned. With thousands of new global laws and regulations ‘Green Police’ will monitor human’s every move. It will even check where they put their garbage. This is already happening in Europe and in America. The American Clean Energy And Security Law introduce mandatory home inspections. They will control the light connections, socket types, applications, windows, walls, roofs. The findings are reported to the Orwell- style Residental Energy Service Network, while the goal is to drown the public among more stationery and regulations. The report writes: According to the Housing Energy Service Network, the inspection consists of: ‘As a requirement of this Network, there is a sub-organization that makes proposals, definitions, and evaluations for existing homes according to this standard. The landlords have to go through this process’. What does it mean? If homeowners do not allow these people to enter their homes, they have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Or even if homeowners allow them, they can still send homeowners invoices because they do not allow them to inspect when they want them. Climate change enables the introduction of the concept of global government (Al Gore, 2007)

To conclude, the main aim of the climate change plan is to create a global carbon tax and to achieve world domination by using the human-made climate change scenario. You stand at the ‘A’ point, and you know you are taking people to the ‘Z’ point, but you are going to go to the end without a protest, you need to keep this plan secret. So if you do not go in the form of one big step, because then the change becomes very clear and fast, people look and try to understand what is happening. So instead, you will more quickly to the A and B and C points, but it shouldn’t be too fast, because then you will attract too much opposition. To prevent connections from being, each step is presented as it cannot reach the next one. A very few people understand the game, when most of the rest starts to see, everything is very clear now, but it is too late, the event is over. What today is happening in the world and what is planning will be under the control of dictatorship, they are primarily intended. I call them ‘Totalitarian Walking At The Tip Of The Finger’. All peoples are equal but some peoples more equal than others. (George Orwell, 1954)


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