Global Impact Essay

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Global Impact

One of the main attractions of Daylesford, Melbourne is its picturesque, Victorian feel, a legacy of its first settlers. Giving the region a European feel, tourists flock to the area to take in its atmosphere, especially when spas antique and crafts shops and natural therapy centers started to populate the area. A regional park as well as natural springs abounding the area is also an added bonus. Suffice to say, tourism is a main industry for Daylesford, Melbourne. Given this perspective, it is a fair assumption that the region only had to tap these existing resources without much capital, and voila, a thriving tourism industry.

Others might argue that there are costs involved in running this kind of industry, but we are under the assumption that whoever coined the place as tourist destinations did not have to capitalize on molding nature according to their preference; it was already there in the first place. There is a need to look into the different aspects of tourism, particularly Daylesford, Melbourne to determine how tourism impacts its citizen’s way of life and standard of living, and see whether tourism is worth the cost on the environment as per benefit.

Natural Advantages and Disadvantages Tourism is a two-edged sword. A well-known tourist destination such as Daylesford, Melbourne will benefit from the increase of tourist visiting the area through increase in employment relative to increase in infrastructure development. Other forms of employment will also be available, given that tourism caters to various needs of different people. Locals will experience easier access to livelihood opportunities, thus increasing their average standard of living.

Yet, this increase in employment will attract people from other places, not for the sights being promoted by the place but because of employment opportunities. This could result, in an increase in the local population, not necessarily bad if it’s in moderation, but anything more, will congest the naturally quant villages. Not to mention that population increase also increases pollution as well as environmental damages. Employment Generated There are a number of job opportunities that opens when tourism is a big business.

In this case, spas and natural therapy centers, means a big boom for the medical industry. People who comes into the area, expects good medical services as well as amenities. Vacation houses and bed and breakfasts also benefits from the influx of tourist visiting the area, providing more jobs for the locals, as well as employing the services of the food industry in area. According to a study conducted by Deloitte & Touche, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Overseas Development Institute (ODI):

Limited evidence suggests that domestic/regional tourism and independent travel can create proportionately more local economic opportunities than international packaged tourism…Within the tourism industry, the informal sector is often where the poor and women can maximize benefits. (p. 10-11) To expound on this conclusions, the study also mentioned that part of tourism advantages, as a product, it is consumed at the point of production, where other opportunities for enterprising souls are created. It is a labor intensive industry, where there is great opportunity for women in the workforce.

Needing very little capital, as its main stock is nature-based; it is a diverse industry that can build upon a wide resource base, where participation of the informal sector is also widely accepted. Changes at the local level to accommodate visitor needs In the case of Daylesford, Melbourne, tourism is indeed an important factor in its economy as well as the rest of Victoria region. In a 2006 brief of the Liberal Party Plans and Policy for the Victoria General Election, tourism was identified as one of the major areas where there will be massive development should they win.

Accordingly, Daylesford, Melbourne was identified as one of the areas that need to be focused on. Mentioned in the brief, was that a special attention will be given to recognize the special needs and individuality of rural economies such as Daylesford. (p. 7) According to an article from Media Release last September 27, 2007, the government of Victoria was releasing a considerable amount of money to produce to market tourism in Daylesford. As an offshoot of the tourism industry, the government would like to focus on promoting the area as a destination for gourmet food and wine.

It certainly has the appeal and the atmosphere for it. Environmental issues including pollution, traffic and crowding Despite the mentioned beneficial effects of the tourism industry, there are drawbacks. Pollution for instance and it also takes its toll on nature if not managed properly. As mentioned before, the need for employment will draw people to a thriving industry, increasing population, thus, pollution. Offshoot industries can also cause much damage to the environment, where this also leads to pollution. As it is, the environment’s greatest enemy is people itself.

People cause traffic, and their bad habits leads to more pollution. Also, the constant wear and tear on the environment, because it is a necessity to cater to tourist’s needs, leaves much to be desired. Many changes will have to occur. Sometimes these changes, causes the decline of what was once beautiful and awe-inspiring. Indeed, tourism is a two-edged sword. Both sides have their considerable argument. Although, there is a way for these arguments to meet half-way, by saying that sustainable development; even in tourism is important.

There is a pressing need to preserve and maintain the environment, as well as create new opportunities for the economy to prosper. Sustainability is even more needed in this industry because, on all sides of the economy, the environment is where all industry anchors and depends. REFERENCES: Travelmate. Daylesford Victoria. Retrieved October 23, 2008 from http://www. travelmate. com. au/Places/Places. asp? TownName=Daylesford_\_VIC UK Department for International Development. Bennett, O. , Roe, D. , & Ashley C. (1999).

Sustainable Tourism andPoverty Elimination Study. Retrieved October 23, 2008 from http://www. propoortourism. org. uk/dfid_report. pdf Victoria Online. Daylesford and Macedonian Ranges Tourism Funding Boost. Retrieved October 23, 2008 from http://www. legislation. vic. gov. au/domino/Web_Notes/newmedia. nsf Victoria Liberal. The Liberal Party’s Policy and Plans for Victoria for the 2006 State Election Building on Success: A Plan for Victoria’s Tourism Industry. Retrieved October 23, 2008 from http://www. vic. liberal. org. au/documents/Tourism_Policy. pdf. pdf

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