Global Crime Analysis Essay

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Global Crime Analysis

Every single day, in every location of the world, there is crime going on. Crime does not only happen in one specific area, for that reason it is an issue all across the map. There are various major global crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes that every individual should be knowledgeable about. Comparing and contrasting the various international criminal justice systems and how these major global crimes and criminal issues are addressed only helps individuals understand every justice system all around the globe.

The justice system, in every country, is drastically impacted on a regular because of the many global crimes and criminal issue occurring. Drug trafficking, fraud, smuggling, extortion, terrorism, money laundering, gangs, briber, and cyber crime are just some examples of global crimes that are seen in this world. Although all global crimes are serious and cause issues the global drug trade is one that is an ongoing and is currently a multi-billion dollar industry. Every day, all around the world drugs are being made, but it is only in certain countries that large quantities of drug trades are made.

Specific drugs are mainly found within only certain countries but as for Marijuana it can be produced worldwide. Marijuana is a drug that is easily produces so it comes to no surprise that it can be obtained worldwide. On the other hand individuals will find that different drugs are found in different areas of the world. For drug buyer is looking to buy opium poppies used to produce heroin, Myanmar, the Golden Triangle Burma, Thailand and Laos, Pakistan, Iran, and the Golden Crescent Afghanistan would be the places of interest for the buyer.

On the other hand when it comes to the drug cocaine, South America would be the buyer’s place of interest. As can be seen these drugs all are produced within third world countries reason being the production of these drugs helps these countries economies by bring more money whether it be illegally or not. This is where a conflict comes in, with each country having different points of views on drug trade it is hard to enforce drug laws if all countries are not eye to eye.

In order to improve the overall effectiveness of strategies the law enforcement’s from other countries needs to work together to try and come up with strategies and ways to take down the drug trade. The political and social structure has a major effect on the widespread of certain crime. Each country being diverse makes this vary from country to country. “For example, in middle-income and developing countries, homicide is far more prevalent compared to nations with higher incomes” (Shaw, et al, 2004). Research reveals that nations that have high rates of homicide tend to be accompanied by social and political unrest, where crime organizations tend to run the country more than the politicians” (Shaw, et al, 2004). “On the other hand, there has been a dramatic decline in the rates of robbery among nations included in North America compared to other nations of the world” (Shaw, et al, 2004).

Within the criminal justice system another thing that varies from country to country is the way criminals are tried and detained. This difference seen is based on the different social and political structures that are made for each country. Research has revealed that most nations follow a civil law system, which is typically based on Roman law structures, in which a person can be punished as soon as a sufficient amount of evidence proves that a person is guilty of a crime” (O’Connor, 2011). “This varies from the common law systems, where innocence is assumed prior to proving that a person is guilty of a crime” (O’Connor, 2011). “More common in nations, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, the Islamic law system is directly based on the Koran, which is often interpreted as a harsher law system compared to other law systems utilized by other nations” (O’Connor, 2011).

In most cases the law system that is being used within the country is one that reflects on the beliefs and standards of that particular county. Overall, this helps individuals of a certain country understand what exactly would be considered a crime within his or her country. When looking at countries one by one a difference can be established. One example is “seven of the eight nations that are included in the group of Caribbean nations have been affected by colonial rule for centuries” (United Nations Programme Development, 2012). This colonial rule has caused their criminal justice system to be based on British common law, as well as national statutory laws” (United Nations Programme Development, 2012).

“Their courts are also structured in a manner that is similar to British courts, where there is a magistrate court, a high court, as well as a court of appeals” (United Nations Programme Development, 2012). Although all individuals tried in court receive a fair trial, juries are normally only used in serious criminal trials. This is without a doubt different from the United States justice system, where there are few cases ever tried where a jury was not involved. Research has revealed that the rates of attrition, or the rates in which a criminal is obtained and tried for the crimes in which they are accused of committing, differ with the status of the nation” (Shaw, et al, 2004). This meaning that nations that are more developed tend to have higher rates of attrition and nations that are still developing nations have lower attritions rates.

The correctional system is another part of the criminal justice system that varies from country to country. Although many countries correctional systems are somewhat similar to the one in the United States, they all vary from place to place. In Jamaica, law enforcement depends on the probation system in order to rehabilitate criminals who pass through their punitive system” (United Nations Programme Development, 2012). Within other nations that are included in Caribbean nations both probation and parole are commonly used to rehabilitate criminals (United Nations Programme Development, 2012). On the other hand research shows that nations with little crime such as Switzerland, have little crime is because there are wealth of social institutions that help to ensure that each citizen is well provided for (O’Connor, 2011).

Crime is going to continue to occur every day, no matter the location of the world. The various major global crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes will continue to impact each and every country unless a pact is made. No two countries are the same and for that reason no two criminal justice systems will ever be in agreement, but becoming aware of these differences will only helps individuals understand every justice system all around the globe whether it be the United States or China.

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