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Global Communications

While thanking you for the opportunity provided to research on Toyota company, there are several issues that neither be possible explained in detail in this letter nor directly in conversation. It is an agreeable fact that, Toyota is marginally successful in these global trade times in spite of stiff competition. A great strength of the company exists in its innovative and exchange of technology. There are several internal problems for the company in production process, workforce and even in marketing of cars.

Toyota company is a middle class and commercial automobile company, which is meeting a great requirement of migrant workers and small businesses which are developing each new day especially in U. S, which is being cashed in by Toyota company. However there are major concerns of global crude oil price which has reached $100. 00 per barrel and a concern of global warming and emission of greenhouse gases, CO2, vehicle pollution are some of the major threats that Toyota has to work with in order to sustain in the market. Enclosing herewith a synopsis for your perusal and information. Sincerely, Paulbright

Synopsis on Toyota Toyota company is a multinational company in manufacture of automobiles. There are millions of customers who are using Toyota cars on a daily basis for office going and for other commercial purposes. Especially in U. S. Toyota cars are extremely in use and even in the recent years, Toyota company has posted a rapid growth by its successful brand Prius Hybrid vehicle. Many experts in automobiles are of the opinion that Toyota has established “green image” in automobile market. Toyota company mark as a monopoly did not leave the company without problems in spite of its remarkable success.

The problems are in various measures such as internal and external which the company’s management has to deal with. Although Toyota company is performing fairly well as compared with competitors there are problems of defective engines, designs and production problems which reflect in fall of sales. Particularly with regard to safety defects in Toyota vehicles is of a major concern to the company. Toyota company has a great experience in adoption of new technologies, innovation of technology and exchange of technology.

However, with the emerge of globalisation, there is a stiff competition in the market, which brings in new kind of marketing problems, employment problems and other management problems to the company, whereas it is an agreeable fact that when there are problems, solution exists within the problem whether it is in production, workforce or marketing and these require proper identification of sources of problem, analysis and strategies to counter-attack the problem in order to keep the growth of the company.

Especially with global fuel price rise in oil market, bringing a new major concern to Toyota company, which discourages customers to purchase petrol or diesel driven automobiles with the fact that fuel filling is quite expensive. Therefore Toyota company has launched Toyota FCHW which runs with Hydrogen have also entered consumer market as substitute vehicles for petrol and diesel. These hydrogen vehicles also help in less emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In spite of the acute measure of problems, Toyota company has been endeavoring constantly pursuing comfort with technology aid and in introducing more outperforming and outstanding vehicles into the cars market. Running head: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS 202, Chenoy Avenue St. Joseph’s street Las Vegas – 232 001 (xxx) (xxx xxx) [email protected] com February 3, 2008 Mr. Noel Park Automobile Consultant 222, Business Trade center California – 452 005 Dear Mr. Park, Thanks indeed for the good opportunity to research on General Motors.

It was a knowledgeable experience in finding some key facts about the company. General Motors is truly facing a halted position in U. S market and is doing very well outside U. S. However, retaining a proportionate share of domestic market is considered to be good at all times with the fact that “one does not lose battle on one’s own ground” . Have stated some of the alternative measures of strategies General Motors has to undertake with immediate effect and mode of change in operational methods. Enclosing herewith synopsis of General Motors for your perusal and for further necessary action.

Sincerely, Paulbright Synopsis on General Motors Another multinational company General Motors with huge and massive successful track of business for several decades, has come to a stage of halt in U. S market as its competitors Toyota, Honda,Hyundai and Nissan have built a proportionate consumer market in U. S. It is an acceptable fact that, General Motors brands of cars are extremely of efficient functioning and due to changing times of global trade entering domestic market, GM has lost sales in an uneven field. This gives out another fact that losing U.

S market does not mean that GM has lost consumer market in other countries viz. , Canada, Europe, Asia and many other parts of the world. GM luxury cars Chevrolet, Saturn, Pontiac, GMC, Saab, Hummer and several other models of car have to be made available in market with super special features of advanced technology with cost effective pricing. As a matter of fact, although middle class consumer market is extensive and wide, luxury cars have always retained a unique identity in the market such as in Benz cars, BMW and Lexus.

In other words, General Motors must work on innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies in order to maintain its yester years reputation and to keep the sale of cars in high numbers even in losing ground of U. S. market. GM must also work to evolve new methods of marketing to prevent loss of consumer market in North America with the fact that North America has a huge market even if it is for luxury cars. Therefore, General Motors while pursuing other export market, a part of its concentration must also be ventured in North America consumer market.

With an apparent fact of severe battle with competitors, General Motors has also been confronted with workforce problems by cutting 30,000 jobs and closure of a dozen plants due to company’s record of loss which posted nearly to $4 billion in 2005. “GM sought to destroy small dealers through their so-called secret Project 2000, which GM defined as the systematic elimination of small dealerships by the year 2000, and was designed to consolidate car sales at large auto malls,” (Horvath). Running head: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS 202, Chenoy Avenue St. Joseph’s street Las Vegas – 232 001 (xxx) (xxx xxx)

[email protected] com February 3, 2008 Mr. Noel Park Automobile Consultant 222, Business Trade center California – 452 005 Dear Mr. Park, With regard to the synopsis of Toyota and General Motors, the following are some of the key findings. (a) The scenario of Toyota and General Motors is fair and competitive. Both the companies have internal, external and operational method problems. General Motors is partly facing a financial crunch due to its fall in sales and this can be prevented on undertaking of new marketing strategies in U. S as well in other parts of the world where GM branded cars are mostly in want.

(b) Problems of production, workforce, management are plenty in Toyota whereas General Motors has slashed jobs and have closed plants in many countries as a precautionary measure. It can always be presumed that these plants would be restored to production as and when the company regains its market. (c) No company can meet every demand of a customer whereas every model of car has a particular design and technicality and with this fact, it can be concluded that branded cars always retain its reputation even though new entries are available in the market at low cost.

The trend in market is never constant and it keeps changing and General Motors has an opportunity to watch this trend of consumer market and must restore its marketing strategies.

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