Global Business And Culture Analysis Of Croatia Cultural Studies Essay

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The analysis of the cultural positions of making concern in this paper is concentrated on the lineation of the civilization of alumnus pupils taking Business Administration in Croatia an U.S as this group is the 1 that will bit by bit presume the prima function in the Croatian and American economic system and concern community. The research gives comprehensive apprehension of dimensions and elements of civilization in Croatia and America, how these elements and dimensions are integrated by locals carry oning concern and in conclusion the deductions of US concerns that wish to carry on concern in Croatia.

In order be unbiased in the generalisation of the findings, simple random sampling was used to choose the respondents for this survey.

Comparison of civilizations has been done through mensurating their magnitude ( Hofstede, 2001 ) . However, the magnitudes used to weigh against civilizations are normally non physical dimensions but, instead are traffics of the attitudes and values that dissimilar civilizations contain. Some of the dimensions of civilization were those developed by Ali & A ; Alshawi ( 2005 ) which include: ( 1 ) Uncertainty turning away ( 2 ) Power Distance ( 3 ) Masculinity/femininity ( 4 ) Individualism/collectivism ( 5 ) Confucian Dynamism ( 6 ) Universalism- Particularism, ( 7 ) Neutral V.

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Emotional Relationship Orientations ( 8 ) Achievement vs. Ascription ( 9 ) Conservatism vs. Affective/intellectual liberty ( 10 ) Hierarchy vs. Egalitarian ( 11 ) Harmony vs. Mastery ( 13 ) Communal Sharing Relationships ( 14 ) Authority Ranking Relationships ( 15 ) Equality Matching Relationships ( 16 ) Market Pricing Relationships.

Probe was conducted to set up the measuring of the imposts which resulted in momentous degree of sway in the point of views of carry oning trade. The study of graduate bookmans who are enrolled in Business Administration might non needfully mean a existent image of the typical or cosmopolitan lineation of the concern imposts in Croatia, therefore going a restraint to the survey.

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The paper concludes by suggesting the right moves in concern that can be made in order to do a successful dealing.

Key words

Culture, cultural dimensions, concern environment


Culture can be defined as the manner of life of people including linguistic communication, scientific disciplines and art, their interaction, spiritualty every bit good as their societal activity, convections, protocols and their dialogues ( Shahla, 2002 ) . In order to do certain that people work together proficiently and together towards concern aims in a positive and motivative environment, they need to be cognizant of the being and importance of both a corporate civilization and international civilization. In foreign states, acquiring everybody to work together might non be really easy. Apart from linguistic communication issues, different states have different attacks to work. Some civilizations take discourtesy of certain remarks. A Christmas party might non be seen excessively acute by non-Christian faiths. Cultural sets of beliefs and differences can non be easy changed or overcome ( Hofstede, 1991 ) . But it is of import for any concern proprietor or director to be cognizant of them and how they impact their concern. This will assist to set to them and better efficiency, profitableness and success of concern.

Problem statement

Culture is defined as the criterions and manners of a group of people or community. Culture besides determines how a state does concern that. Understanding the difference in civilizations of different county is a measure in wining concern in a foreign state. This research paper was aimed at set uping different cultural positions of making concern in Croatia.


The chief aim of the research was to determine the cultural positions of making concern in Croatia. This aim was achieved through the undermentioned specific research aims.

To find the major elements of dimensions of civilization in Croatia.

To determine how dimensions of civilization are integrated by locals in concern.

To measure the difference in Croatian and US civilization and Business.

To find the deduction of US concern wishing to be conducted in Croatia.

Significance of the survey

The survey provided an apprehension of Croatian civilization which is indispensable when it comes to successfully running concern in Croatia.

Restriction of the survey

Equally far as this survey is concerned the challenge presented here in is that the profile of the bookmans may non give a existent scenario of the concern every bit far as civilization is concerned in America and Croatia ( Hofstede, 2001 ) .

Fiscal restraints led to choice of a little sample size which might non be an full representation of the full population.

Literature reappraisal

Culture defined

From the position of a humanist, the one Mathew Arnold used the word civilization to go through on to an ideal of single human polish, of the finest that has been thought and said in the world.A This thought of civilization is comparable to theA German construct ofA edifice:

Harmonizing to an anthropologist Kroeber and Kluckhohn civilization can be defined as:

Dwelling or else being made up of implicit every bit good as explicit forms, and behavior transmitted and acquired through symbols with different accomplishments from groups of human existences ( McCoy, 2003 ) .

A As a replacing for specifying civilization as a sort of cognition, McGrew suggests that

“ Culture can be looked into as a figure of stairss which may include the undermentioned ( one ) a fresh paradigm of public presentation is made-up, or else one which is already bing is modified. ( two ) Modernizer transforms this paradigm to another 1. ( three ) A sort of the paradigm is steady across and within participants, conceivably even in footings of identifiable characteristics considered stylistic. ( four ) One who obtains the paradigm keeps the capableness to make it long post geting it. ( V ) The paradigm extends across units which constitute a population e.g. military personnels, kins, or bands merely to advert but a few. ( six ) The paradigm bears transversely coevalss ”

There exist three sorts of civilization which are of great significance harmonizing to Ali & A ; Alshawi ( 2004a ) . They include ; national civilization which includes several nucleus values meant to determine the persons ‘ behaviour and the full society non burying organisational civilization ( Adler 1997 ; Bagchi and Cerveny 2003 ) . Finally, there exist a degree of single civilization harmonizing to Dorfman and Howell ( 1988 ) . Their survey shows the impact of national civilisation on the behaviour of an person.

The concern civilisation of a peculiar state is as a consequence of a figure causes from its present and past which are so unnatural such that they can ne’er be eventually and to the full explained or understood.

Overview of Croatian civilization

Croatia became a constitutional democracy of the Federative Popular Republic of Yugoslavia after the Second World War, which inherited the ex-Yugoslav land with art governed by the canon of socialist pragmatism and scientific discipline and instruction governed by the canon of dialectic and historical philistinism.

Self-management system was introduced in 1950s. Cultural and other public spheres were decentralized and regulated on the degree of the six component democracies. Modernization and the planetary openness of the state brought assorted cultural influences. Ideological control over civilization loosened, followed by a national motion in which cultural and educational establishments played a seeable function. Despite the resulting political repression the public policies led to greater liberty of the democracies in the federation. The current authorities was appointed in 2009, after the political displacements caused by surrender of the former premier curate ( 2004-2009 ) .

Grecian, Roman and Byzantine are the blends of Croatia, the bulk of the population is Croats. Minorities include Serbs, Hungarians and Gypsies.

Although Croatia is a autonomous state, it has a alone civilization that has been driven legion civilisations and imperiums. It is good known for the rich civilization it has, natural beauty, and many national Parkss and successful touristry industry.

Ethical motives

Ethical motives is the common agreed upon pattern of different moral rules or values. It concentrates on the general nature of ethical motives and the specific moral pick an single makes in relationship to others. It represents the regulations and/or criterions regulating the behavior of the member of a profession. The context of this enquiry will be moralss applied to concern. Business moralss in Croatia is perceived as good. In concern operation, the ordinances are non violated massively, particularly in minutess with domestic spouses. Equally far as the achievement of contract duties are concerned, the feeling is good.


Croatians are chiefly Roman Catholic, with little per centums of Uniates ( Eastern Orthodox Christians, acknowledging the Catholic Pope ) , Protestants, and Muslims. Some pre-Christian necessities have been included into Christian patterns and beliefs. Other influences on Croatian spiritual beliefs and patterns have come from European and Near Eastern civilizations, from rural and urban traditions likewise, ensuing in an amalgam of different heritages. Sacred and spiritual facets of traditional civilization were neglected during the Socialistic period because faith was relegated entirely to the private domain of life. Catholic Church has a function to play every bit far as Croatian society is concerned. The curate participates significantly in the state ‘s civilization every bit good as instruction instruction. Croatians are peculiarly loyal to Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. There exist refuges all over the state province put up in her award. Every town and small town has a protagonist saint and that saint ‘s feast twenty-four hours is distinguished with a church and parade rite. Some of the rural communities still do hold a conventional beacon on their protagonist saints ‘ twenty-four hours. Many specialised individuals besides do hold their ain protagonist saint. Religious strong belief is a key in unifying the civilization of Croatian, greater portion of the Croatians is subscribed to Roman Catholic. During a Roman Catholic vacation, commercial activities near. Patrons of each and every town and metropolis in Croatia lead the jubilation of saint ‘s vacation. The Catholic Church has for ages aided the development of Croatia ‘s history and civilization, it carry ‘s on to be seen in mundane Croatian life. National Pride – Croatians love their heritage and state and when criticized they take it really personally. Hence, Croatians at one clip can be seen as being proud, pretentious and may look haughty to aliens.


Croatians can be considered as highly arrogant of their usage and ethnicity and hence are considered to be steadfast patriots. Croatians refer their state as “ Our Beautiful Homeland ” ( “ Lijepa naA?a ” ) .This emerges that it is the same rubric as that one of the national anthem of their state. The mind of nationalism emerges both from their extended and affluent civilisation every bit good as a heritage of foreign control and invasion. Folklore plays an of import portion in civilization saving. Life apprehension is transformed into poetic vocals, poetry, faery narratives, tunes, symbolic rites, costumes, dance, music every bit good as jewelry merely to advert but a few. Poems and Folksongs often show to the feeling and see between members of the household.

Social construction

In every bit far as this society is concerned ; the household still remains to be the basic unit of the society. Extended household is besides recognized in this society and the member ‘s remains really near to each other. Basic trade goods every bit good as security to some extent, is provided by the household to its members. Weekends are good thought-out as clip meant to be spent by the members of the household together. This society values household to an extent that they will non let concern affairs to interfere with their household lives.

Dimensions of civilization

Harmonizing to McCoy ( 2003 ) , the extremely considered construct of civilization is the dimensions of civilization by Hofstede. An across-the-board dimensions of civilization were projected by Alshawi and Ali ( 2005 ) utilizing a normative reappraisal of literature in the field of civilization. These dimensions are labeled: ( 1 ) Uncertainty turning away ( 2 ) Power Distance ( 3 ) Masculinity/femininity ( 4 ) Individualism/collectivism ( 5 ) Confucian Dynamism ( 6 ) Universalism- Particularism, ( 7 ) Neutral V. Emotional Relationship Orientations ( 8 ) Achievement vs. Ascription ( 9 ) Conservatism vs. Affective/intellectual liberty ( 10 ) Hierarchy vs. Egalitarian ( 11 ) Harmony vs. Mastery ( 13 ) Communal Sharing Relationships ( 14 ) Authority Ranking Relationships ( 15 ) Equality Matching Relationships ( 16 ) Market Pricing Relationships.

Hofstede identified four dimensions:

Uncertainty turning away ( UA )

Vagueness equivocation reverberations or instead shows a civilization ‘s credence of vagueness and response of threat. Degree to which community in a state province prefers prearranged over amorphous state of affairss: from comparatively flexible to highly stiff.

Power Distance ( PD )

Power distance refers to the sharing of power within a society. Extent of disparity in the thick of people, which the dwellers of a state province make consider as normal: from comparatively equal to highly unequal.

Masculinity/femininity ( MF )

The maleness muliebrity measuring does explicate the extent to which civilization ‘s overriding values are fostering or self-asserting.

Individualism/collectivism ( IC )

Extend to which individuals in state addition cognition of moving as an single alternatively of corporate members of a bunch, traveling to individualist from leftist. Referred in this dimension is how persons identify and relate with others. Individual attending compared to group involvements dominates in an individualistic civilization. It is hence apparent that the links in between are really tight. Communities guarantee that they do take attention of full community. That is the aged and the immature. Masakazu ( 1994 ) defines modern individuality as “ a vision of world that gives good ground for internal one-sided self-assertion and beliefs, every bit good as hostility based on these ” . In a communalist society, the considerations of the group triumph upon the attending of the personality. Peoples are incorporated into strong and cohesive in-groups that carry on throughout a life span to support in exchange for unthinking trueness. Variation is displayed in who is considered when ends are set. In unconformist societies, ends are set with negligible deliberation given to groups other than perchance your direct household. In communalist societies, other crowds are taken into consideration earnestly when ends are set. Individualist societies are freely incorporated ; communalist societies are strongly incorporated ( McGrew, 1998 ) . One tends to specify people by what they have done, their achievements, what sort of auto they have. The inquiry is do we work in a group or as persons? Cultures of communitarism emphasis common ends and corporate work ( teamwork ) , while civilizations of individuality value more single success and creativeness.

Confucian Dynamism

The 5th dimension of civilization was acknowledged by Bond and Hofstede ( 1984 ) . It is besides tagged as long term vs. short term life orientations. This dimension portrays civilizations that vary from values that have a short continuance in relation to imposts and reciprocality in dealingss in the society to values that are relentless and order a relationship on the standards. The extent to which, communities or instead citizens promote corporate harmoniousness and public assistance, ensuing in psychological Bolshevism.

Trompenaars ( 1993 ) defines the undermentioned dimensions:


The extent to which, communities or instead citizens weigh against Renaissance man regulations about what is right with more situation-specific relationship duties and alone fortunes.

In the context of concern, what is of importance is regarded to be single ‘s behaviour

Particularism is the lower degree in this type of dimension which implies giving disposition to an attack that is flexible for each particular job

Whereas universalism is the higher degree of this dimension, it has the significance of being rigorous in detecting regulations and other set criterions.

Impersonal V. Emotional Relationship Orientations

The extent to which, communities or instead citizens weigh against ‘objective ‘ and ‘detached ‘ interactions with interactions where emotions is more readily expressed.

In the impersonal construct, emotions are barred from being displayed or shown. Where as in the effectual construct, exposing emotions in a concern relationship is acceptable

Specific vs. Diffuse Orientations

The extent to which communities in are engaged in a concern relation and brushs are marked and set apart both in private and work. What matters is the credence of specific duties assigned. The higher degree of this dimension is diffuse where assorted dealingss interwoven compared to the lower degree – particular in which there is small intermixing of private dealingss

Achievement vs. Ascription

The extent to which, communities or instead citizens consider single accomplishments as a step with those where an person is give specific position on the footing of rank to a group or birth evidences etc

In the construct of accomplishment, position is got when an person shows competency unlike in attribution where its achieved though a recognized position in rubric, gender, age, hierarchy, etc

Schwartz ( 1994 ) , defined the undermentioned dimensions:

Conservatism vs. Affective/intellectual liberty

It is the extent to which citizen insist on keeping the initial position ( conservativism ) or rational liberty – gaining pleasance and a life that is go outing

Culture Dimension Definition Hierarchy vs. Egalitarian

It is the extent to which persons consider equality and freedom as a hurt to others ( Classless ) , vs. Hierarchy – This emphasizes on the genuineness of level resources and duties

Harmony vs. Mastery

It is the extent to which citizen concerned with suppressing hindrances in a social apparatus – command versus the distressing point of position sing integrity with the natural set up and harmoniously being fit in the environment

These dimensions were emphasized by Fiske ( 1992 ) :

Communal Sharing Relationships

This perceptual experience is related to Hofstede ‘s sentiment of Bolshevism. It is the extent to which citizen see the members of a given bunch as equal and at times are rather unreceptive to those coming from exterior of the bunch.

Authority Ranking Relationships

It is the extent to which citizen involve one-dimensionality in relationship telling with higher ranking persons who have the rights to do determinations, enjoys privilege and are responsible for persons at the underside in the hierarchy. Harmonizing to Schwartz ( 1994 ) , this thought does non match with Hofstadter ‘s construct of power distance

Equality Matching Relationships

It is the extent to which citizens emphasize on societal equalities in dealingss. The community has cognition of the inequalities.

Market Pricing Relationships

It is the extent to which persons have their outlook fixed to investings and

Percept of dominant concern civilization

It was examined with Trompenaars ‘ reproduction of four different civilizations. This included a model built on two dimensions i.e. ( 1 ) Task orientation versus individual and ( 2 ) Centralization or hierarchy versus decentalisation or classless connoting power, function, undertaking and fulfillment orientations

Research Problem

Following the Trompenaars ‘ theoretical account of four diverseness cultures this survey aimed to determine the cultural positions of making concern in Croatia.

Research Methodology

Probability trying attack was used as the research method. This method had the advantage of non biasness in generalisation of findings. The research used simple random sampling ; the instruments for informations gaining control were unfastened ended questionnaires formulated utilizing interpretative attack to look at cultural happenings through Trompenaars ‘ theoretical account.

Research Questions

The research inquiries were how and in what ways might the cultural dimensions, and their elements of Croatian locals affect their positions of making concern and the deductions of US concerns wishing to be conducted in Croatia.

Research hypothesis

Alternatively of developing a hypothesis, the research was underpinned to find different positions of civilization in the Croatian community in relation to making concern,

Research sample

To specify the instance, the research unit of analysis was the cultural positions of making concern in alumnus pupils taking Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana in Croatia and Stanford Graduate school of Business

Sample size


Sample Size


University of Ljubljana


61.81 %

Stanford Graduate school of Business


38.19 %



100 %

Answer to research Questions

Question 1: what are the major elements and Dimensions of Culture in Croatia?

For Universalism versus Particularism dimension: Croatians are individualistic, a pattern that consequences in deficiency of understanding when associating in an organisation and covering with clients. Besides, Croatians are used to telecasting and other signifiers of media than reading magazines and the cyberspace ; this is as a consequence of their system of instruction.

In the dimension Individualism vs. Communitarism, The cultural dimension affects the organisational staffing ( organisations ) more than people in the society.

For Uncertainty turning away dimension: Croatians have a demand to work hard, proviso of regulations and ordinances and observe promptness

For Power Distance dimension: the Croatian community have a position that is more power with those at senior most direction degrees ; although the organisational civilization would hold a position different from the penetration of power distance

This affect how clients are holding their issues resolved since the rely on persons high ranking in an organisation as they are considered to be powerful

For Masculinity/femininity dimension, Croatians are inclined to holding really fond relationship which cultivates a tight association with household members and familiarities which from clip to clip do them reliant on each other in doing determinations. It has got the advantage or staying in contact for a long clip.

For Confucian Dynamism Dimension: The Confucian work dynamism is now refereed to as long term orientation versus short term orientation to life. This dimension encompasses such rules as frugalness, doggedness, holding a sense of embarrassment, and an ordered relationship. Confucian work dynamism attributes to perpetrate, aggravated, accountable, and knowing people with a sense of dedication and organisational singularity and fidelity.

Example of states where long term orientation supports prudence, reserves, doggedness in accomplishing consequences and being willing to decrease oneself for a ground are South Korea, Japan, and Singapore

On the other manus a short term orientation is in line with the outgo to continue the force per unit area from the society, less reserves, preferring immediate consequences and apprehensiveness with a face

Croatians build on the public assistance of their household unit and that is the strongest association harmonizing to their perceptual experience ( Yin, 1994 ) .

Croatians in a on the job environment are inclined to hold a high bend over, peculiarly in the private sector of the economic system, since there is lack in competent staff. As a consequence it rises the cost incurred in staff preparation.

For the Neutral V. Emotional Relationship Orientations dimension: this dimension largely influences the satisfaction of clients

Croatians are inclined to be more emotional, and let some infinite for command so that they can be contented when they feel happy and acquire concerned for ; this is more affiliated to the intervention and at what clip they feel that they are particular to the organisation.

For the Specific vs. Diffuse Orientations dimension: Since Croatia is exchanging from an economic system based on public sector to more private organisations, which have an consequence on how Croatians perceive and their outlook sing the quality or service.

For the Achievement vs. Ascription dimension, Croatians have a leaning to seek to acquire to a superior social degree as the traditions and norms give people more esteem harmonizing to which social category they are from or hold attained.

For the Market Pricing Relationships dimension: Croatians are argus-eyed to monetary values and to them it is most of import thing while sing a merchandise being produced or services being offered

For Structured or organized vs. unstructured or unorganised behaviour: Croatians have a leaning to hold a amorphous attack in their every twenty-four hours life ; they like to set all the clip even when it is coming to ordinances and processs in a working environment

Sing candor to Others ‘ civilizations, they show an unfastened attack to credence of other people ‘s civilizations and other rules and traditions.

For the Internal V. External ( venue of control ) dimension, Croatians have a strong attitude that they can hold control over their fate, which is without uncertainty consistent with the high degrees of masculinism nowadays in their civilization

Question 2: How are dimensions and elements of civilization integrated by locals carry oning concern in Croatia?

In making concern, Croatians integrate their civilization in the undermentioned ways:

They have long meetings which do non follow specific docket

Relationships are build merely after negociating concern affairs

Chew the fating and any other signifier of little negotiations merely surface after all dialogues in a meeting.

Personal relationships in concern is non encouraged hence an appropriate relationship that incorporates professionalism must be maintained.

Education, experience that comes with position, cognition and assurance are respected by Croatians.

Superiors which are important are extremely valued.

Success and major determinations an be made by an person.

No individual individual accepts the duty that is accompanied by failure.

Decisions can be made without appropriate audiences.

Flexible deadlines.

Directors do non necessitate to account for how and why determinations were reached.

Question 3: What is the Comparison between the Croatian and US concern Culture?

The undermentioned differences arise between the Croatian and American civilizations. In American civilization:

Meeting are short and with specific docket

Democratic leaders are valued

Persons accept duty of failure

Consultation must be done before determination devising

Directors are accountable for determinations made

Deadlines are rigorous

In both civilizations:

Relationships are build merely after negociating concern affairs.

Chew the fating and any other signifier of little negotiations merely surface after all dialogues in a meeting.

Personal relationships in concern is non encouraged hence an appropriate relationship that incorporates professionalism must be maintained.

Education, experience that comes with position, cognition and assurance are respected.

Question 4: What are the deductions for US concerns that wish to carry on

concern in that part?

In order to successfully make concern in Croatia:

Show regard to everybody.

In turn toing a co-worker use the rubric and the first name.

Avoid negotiations about money and jobs as it depicts weak behaviours.

Allow personal infinite.

Speak straight and magisterially.

Do non knock a Croatian but you can do suggestions.

Religion war and ethnicity is ne’er discussed.

In drumhead cultural values are comparatively stable in Croatia, for a alien in Croatia, the first feeling is conveyed get downing with courtesies and the first salutation. Frustration is avoided by cognizing how and when determinations are made ; introducing one ego with the results of a meeting and understanding how adult females are engaged in into the concern model. Of importance is networking and Personal contacts in Croatian concern civilization than formal selling techniques.

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