Global Awareness Essay Essay

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Global Awareness Essay

The location of the university is set forth in such a widely diverse cultured location and in many ways puts its students in the global platform. In the modern world, where technology has been bridging the world tremendously, and where the concept of globalization and global citizenship is taking toll, it is highly important that everyone recognize differences among different cultures, religions, and races. This brings about ones awareness to the global scale.

I intend to take part of this motive and be a catalyst of social understanding by fully understanding the relationship of different state actors within the world; ones that comprises the variances in culture. It is true that globalization has vast effects to the world. This has brought us economic growth, further knowledge, and even technological advancement. However, the cultural differences that come along with this concept have also damaged us tremendously.

The most tragic that globalization has caused us are the terrorists attacks and the world wars where nation states opted to resolve their differences in view points through threats and violence. Global awareness can effectively be manifested through a deeper understanding of how different nation states deal with each other. These topics are under the course of International Relations.

This course aims to fully comprehend the behaviour of different nation states as well as different global actors such as international organizations, its function on issues such as terrorism, human rights, war, and issues such as poverty, genocide, and environment. Also, it would be very helpful to learn about the culture of Asia. It has been noted that the continent, although is suffering from poverty in several regions, has a wide variety of cultures and understanding the diversity of the continent would give us a deeper

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