Girls Just Want To Have Fangs Essay

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Girls Just Want To Have Fangs

Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs, written by Sady Doyle, is a harsh criticism of Stephanie Meyers writing style in the Twilight series as well as praise for women and their ability to launch products into global success. Finding someone to argue that the Twilight series is a well written, sophisticated and exceptional could be an elongated task. However, finding “shrieking” Twilight fans is not. Most people won’t argue that the Twilight books are an especially innovative series of books, because they are loaded with very publicized faults. The flaws of the series range from old-fashioned gender roles to a rather unimaginative plot. Even sometimes including unintentional humor in her work, making the series look naive and empty-headed.

Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, and Bella Swan might not be the most artful characters of created, but that’s not stopping young teenage girls, and some older, from reading and obsessing over the series. The Twilight series has had a very successful run, in both the movie industry and in the book industry. In 2009, Twilight novels constructed 16 percent of all book sales. This means that four out of every twenty-five books sold were part of the series. In addition to that, the first Twilight movie created made roughly $70.6 million on its opening weekend. While its soundtrack went on to sell around 2.2 million copies worldwide. As Sady Doyle phrased it in Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs “Yet, if the numbers are any indication, you don’t need male fans to dominate the marketplace.” (Ch. 10, Pg. 267)

Twilight never gets very much acclaim from straight males due to the fact the series of books is so outwardly feminine. In comparison to another extremely well known series, Harry Potter was accepted with backlash and literary critique upon first publication as well. The difference, however, is that the Harry Potter series reached critical acclaim by the end of its long road. Some people, including Sady Doyle argue that this is directly correlated to the number of male readers and fans. Harry Potter, narrated by a man, has heaps of male fans as well as female. Twilight, narrated by a female, does not.

Feminists and critics will argue that the Twilight series is causing young
females to look simple and laughable, creating even more segregated gender roles. Be that as it may, nobody can disagree with the statement that the Twilight series has proved to everyone that girls can influence the market and our culture very dominantly. Girls, basically alone, have skyrocketed the Twilight series to the successful, famous, and “sexy” movies and books we see today. The Twilight series is a testament to the power women hold and the ability and likelihood women have to change the world.

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