Girls Education

It is one the basic needs to be informed for human, as world is full of competition, where one requires certain amount of skills to make it through and be a risk to others. Education gives an insight to the individual to separate in between great and bad. Both males and females are part of our society so we require education for the females along with for the males. In India despite of all the strategies measures, initiatives and high claims by the federal government and numerous voluntary organizations, a vast bulk of the women are yet illiterate in India.

Throughout the last 4 years given that independence, numerous schools and colleges are established for girls. Education of women is among the fundamental features of the government plans. The female education is very important for the society as moms are the first teachers of the kids. They are the very first teachers of the future citizens of the nation. It is being progressively recognized that educated spouses and moms are a possession to a country.

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Educated women are working in banks, private companies, health centers and government workplaces and supporting their families as well as contributing to the advancement of the country. Educated ladies have an honored position in society. They have protected their rights from the hesitant males however all this is confined primarily to the metropolitan areas. Indians are conservative by nature. So, their blind faith and age old superstition stood against the female education. In rural locations many of individuals are still against ladies’ education.

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So much needs to be done yet. Special legislation should be enacted to deal with parents who neglect the education of their daughters. There are many villages where schools for girls do not exist. Every village must have a girl’ schools, or if that is not possible owing to lack of funds, parents should be persuaded to admit their daughters to the schools providing co-education. In recent years situation has improved considerably. People have felt the virtue of female education.

Now in India we find women professors, lady doctors, lady scientists, lady politicians and lady ministers. Girls should be educated in the interest of our national progress. India is now optimistic in the field of female education. We had the female philosophers like Gargi, in the Vedic age. We had Mirabai, Ahalyabi and Laxmibai in the days of history. They were all learned. Hence, we had a great tradition during the days of our degeneration. Now, we have revived. So, we will certainly revive the female education in India.

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Girls Education

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