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Girl Postitive

Categories: Girl

The movie “Girl Positive” is about, Rachel, a teenage girl Rachel in high school that has come in contact with the disease HIV. The movie shows how people in her high school view the disease. They also stereotype it, saying only gay people can get. They are quickly proven wrong though. A recent report put up on the school website shows that the star athlete that graduated before them was doing heroin. He had just died in a car accident and they found it in his system and in his car.

Everybody was completely shocked.

After the report came out Rachel received a message that told her that this star athlete, Jason, had HIV. They were concerned about her well-being and asked if she also had the disease because she had lost her virginity to him at a party. Rachel became close with a new teacher at the school who conveniently worked at an AIDS clinic too. She asked to do some community service down there for extra credit.

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While Rachel was there she snuck a HIV test and took it. Later on, the results came back positive and the teacher was trying to help her out but Rachel didn’t want to listen.

She was scared and didn’t want anyone to know. Rachel tried telling her boyfriend, but he didn’t understand. The rumors started in her school about her having it and her life felt like it was falling apart. But then Mark, Jason’s brother, came to Rachel with a video admitting that Jason was HIV positive.

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They decided the school needed to know. When they all found out, almost the entire senior class went to this AIDS clinic and were getting tested. Rachel and her mom stood by each other’s side and got blood test done to know for sure.

The movie ended with the doctor saying she was positive; which I think was a really disappointing ending. I thought this movie was really good. It shows that people really do not know about this awful disease. They think it will kill them instantly, but really won’t if they take the right meds. I also think it’s very insightful. Although a lot of the scenes in the school were off because personally that wasn’t like my school at all. I think this is a really good movie to shows because it gives a lot of facts on HIV that I didn’t know and I’m sure many other teenagers don’t know either.

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